Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ramsey Puts Target on Backs of Those Who Protect Us

Philadelphia Republican City Committee
Hon. John J. Taylor, Chairman
Contact:          Joe DeFelice, Executive Director
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Ramsey Puts Target on Backs of Those Who Protect Us
Philadelphia, PA, July 9, 2015:  Last week, the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police filed unfair labor practices charges against Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey due to his decision to release the names of any officers that discharge their weapons[1].   “John McNesby, president of the local Fraternal Order of Police lodge, criticized releasing their names and said the officers will now have to worry about being targeted because they were involved in shootings[2]” according to a story in last week’s Philadelphia Inquirer.
            “We firmly stand with the Fraternal Order of Police,” said Philadelphia Republican Party Executive Director Joe DeFelice.  “These feel good policies and catering to media and political pressure in exchange for the safety of our Officers is a disgrace; each day, when an officer puts on that uniform, he or she has to look over their shoulder and worry about whether they will be a target of retaliation for simply doing their jobs.“


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  1. If not existent, there should be a thirty day period for governmental units to review the incident prior to publishing the discharging officer(s) name(s).

    Is Nutter conducting serious fact finding or throwing red meat and instant gratification to the anti-police activists?