Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Melissa Murray Bailey Reacts to the PA Budget Impasse

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Melissa Murray Bailey Reacts to the PA Budget Impasse

Melissa Murray Bailey, candidate for Mayor, released the following statement as Pennsylvania goes past the constitutional deadline for Governor Wolf to sign a budget for the next fiscal year.
“I am running for Mayor of Philadelphia because, like many of my neighbors, I am fed up with the way the political class runs our government. As a business executive – not a career politician – who has built businesses in multiple countries, I know the importance of setting a budget. Creating a budget is an opportunity to set a vision for the organization. I have learned how to work with people in pursuit of a common goal.  As Mayor, my budget would not put partisan politics ahead of the needs of Philadelphians.  It’s not about winners and losers in City Hall, it’s about working towards a better Philadelphia for all.
Harrisburg’s inability to produce an on time budget, signed by Governor Wolf, fails Philadelphia children in underachieving schools; fails Philadelphia families who need sustainable jobs; and most importantly, fails to strike the tone of compromise and problem solving that I would bring to Philadelphia.
It is my hope that our elected officials in Harrisburg will quickly come to an agreement that moves our state forward – that prioritizes public education and stimulates business growth. Most of all, I join Philadelphia teachers and Superintendent Hite in advocating for the state resources Philadelphia public schools so desperately need to educate our children.” 

Melissa Murray Bailey is a different kind of candidate for Mayor.  She's not a career politician, not a government insider, and has never run for office before.  Instead, she is a concerned citizen with the real world experience and personal commitment to do what's right – because her only goal is to make Philadelphia stronger than it has ever been for the people who call it "home."

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