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Melissa Murray Bailey Announces Plan to EliminateLitter and Further Beautify All Philadelphia Neighborhoods

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Melissa Murray Bailey for Mayor
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Melissa Murray Bailey Announces Plan to EliminateLitter and Further Beautify All Philadelphia Neighborhoods

Philadelphia Mayoral candidate Melissa Murray Bailey’s plan to combat litter and ensure that all Philadelphians, regardless of neighborhood, will live in a beautiful city free of litter. “Before I began running for Mayor I always felt that the city needed to do more to clean the streets of Philadelphia, and ever since I joined the race I have realized from talking to voters that I am not the only one that feels this way.”

Melissa’s 4 pillars for a Cleaner Philadelphia:

1. Make it easy!

Deploy trash cans on all bus routes and commercial areas throughout the city.


2. Clean the Streets.

Set up a bi-weekly street-cleaning program for the entire city. The Water Department currently spends money and resources to catch trash before it enters our storm water system. If we solve the root cause of the problem — trash in the streets — we spend less in the long run and get the benefit of a cleaner city.


3. Eliminate the Sources.

Restaurants and businesses will be prohibited from dropping paper menus and advertising anywhere outside


4. Community accountability.

We will enforce littering laws. Additionally, residents will be encouraged to play a role in helping to keep the city clean by contacting 311 or making an online complaint to hold trash men accountable for reoccurring collection problems and to let the streets department know when corner trash cans are full and need to be emptied.


“Philadelphia residents deserve better. My plan will allow you to be proud of your streets, instead of having to listen to insults from the National media. I promise you that if I am elected mayor, we will be praised for our beautiful parks and clean streets.”


Melissa Murray Bailey is a different kind of candidate for Mayor.  She's not a career politician, not a government insider, and has never run for office before.  Instead, she is a concerned citizen with the real world experience and personal commitment to do what's right – because her only goal is to make Philadelphia stronger than it has ever been for the people who call it "home."

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