Saturday, June 27, 2015

Inquirer Writes Free Ads for Jim Kenney

Philadelphia Republican City Committee
Hon. John J. Taylor, Chairman
Contact:          Joe DeFelice, Executive Director
Phone:             215-756-4158 (mobile)

Philadelphia Inquirer Writes Free Advertisements for Jim Kenney
Philadelphia, PA, June 27, 2015:  Today, the Philadelphia Republican City Committee called on the Philadelphia Inquirer to give the same free advertising to Melissa Murray Bailey and her internship program that they gave to Jim Kenney this morning.

In an article in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, written by Chris Hepp, a "news article"[1] was printed that read more like a help wanted ad from the classifieds; where the Kenney campaign asked for campaign fellows to go into communities and explain why Jim Kenney isn't responsible for the bad schools and poverty that has become the status quo in too many of our neighborhoods.
"Melissa Murray Bailey has worked tirelessly to go into all corners of the city to challenge the Kenney-Nutter status quo that has left too many Philadelphians behind" said Philadelphia Republican Party Executive Director Joe DeFelice.  "We expect more from the local media who has routinely called Kenney: “Likely Mayor”, “Mayor-Elect” and “Presumptive Mayor”.  We are not asking the local media to do anything outside the norm, rather all we ask is that Melissa be given an equal opportunity to tell her story and share her vision for a better Philadelphia for all neighborhoods and communities.  Many in the media like to say that they want a more competitive Republican Party and yearn for a two party system, however their actions and lack of coverage for our candidates coupled with fluff ad pieces for the opposition, help tilt the playing field even more. “
If anyone is interested in helping Melissa Murray Bailey's campaign they are encouraged to contact our office at 215-561-0650 or reach us via Facebook or Twitter @PhillyGOP to get involved.     


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