Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Philadelphia: Closed for Business

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Philadelphia:  Closed for Business
Under an Impending Blizzard of New Taxes and Regulations; Democrat City and State Leaders Declare Philadelphia Closed for Business

Philadelphia March 4, 2015 –Yesterday, Governor Wolf, fresh off his honeymoon, rained down on the City of Brotherly Love a whole new set of taxes and encumbrances.  Not to be outdone, Philadelphia City Council began hearings to flood the business community with more regulations thereby effectively closing some businesses or making it harder for other businesses to open.

                Governor Wolf’s new budget for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania harms businesses, especially those in Philadelphia.  While Philadelphia’s 8% sales tax won’t increase 10% like the rest of the Commonwealth, it will still be 1.4% higher than most other Counties.  However, this sales tax previously exempted certain items from being taxed.  Wolf has decided to remove those exemptions thereby taxing previously untaxed goods and services.  Those goods are candy, gum, personal hygiene products, textbooks, newspapers, caskets and more.  The services that will be taxed are cable television, legal services, transportation, employments services, etc. 

                Today, not to be overshadowed, Philadelphia City Council Leaders began hearings on whether or not to raise, what they call the “minimum wage”, to $15 per hour.  While this type of feel good legislation may help them at the ballot box, it is not the type of regulation we need in a City that desperately needs more tax payers.  These types of burdens kill businesses and force them to open or move outside the City’s limits; thereby making it harder for Philadelphians to retain those positions. 

                With the impending avalanche, it will be a long time until we break this cold snap and businesses can bloom and unfortunately, Philadelphia will again have to weather the storm.  

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