Wednesday, February 4, 2015

NE Times: Martina White Letter to the Editor

More jobs leave Philly 
The Nabisco-Kraft factory owned by Mondelez Glob­al is clos­ing May 1, leaving 300 people unemployed including many union work­ers. 
Not only are these jobs be­ing lost but the an­cil­lary jobs such as pack­aging and trans­port­a­tion, res­taur­ants, and small busi­nesses in the area that ser­viced this plant will be neg­at­ively im­pacted. An es­tim­ated $15 mil­lion in lost wages to our loc­al eco­nomy is a ma­jor con­cern.
For every prob­lem there is a solu­tion. If lead­ers felt so strongly, over a year ago, that the com­pany had no in­ten­tions of stay­ing in the North­east then the fo­cus should have shif­ted to find­ing new com­pan­ies to fill the space, keep­ing our friends and neigh­bors em­ployed.  
We need to re­verse the trend of job loss and un­der­em­ploy­ment in our area and bring back good pay­ing fam­ily sus­tain­ing jobs.
Help­ing middle class fam­il­ies is a ma­jor reas­on I’m run­ning for state rep­res­ent­at­ive. If I am elec­ted on March 24, I will be mak­ing calls to pro­mote job cre­ation and get our fam­il­ies back to work.
Mar­tina White 
Can­did­ate for State Rep­res­ent­at­ive - Dis­trict 170

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