Wednesday, December 17, 2014

ICYMI: Live Tweets from the DA Williams Presser on Indictment of Dems Brown and Waters

Below is a list of tweets from Angela Couloumbis regarding Seth Williams’ press conference regarding the charged filed against Ron Waters and Vanessa Brown:
DA Williams charging Reps. Waters and Vanessa Brown with criminal conspiracy, bribery and conflict of interest. #Pasting
Williams says Waters and Brown admitted to knowingly taking illegal cash payments in #Pasting
Williams shows photo of Rep. Waters accepting $1000 in cash. #Pasting
Williams detailing the payments Rep. Waters received, including $1,000 in cash for Waters' birthday: "Happy birthday to Ron Waters,"
Williams says Waters admitted he took money in exchange for favors and that he knew it was wrong. #Pasting
In one #PAsting recording, Williams says you can hear undercover operative counting out the money.
Williams says #PAsting undercover informant, Ty Ali, met with Rep. Brown and told her he was playing Santa; Brown said she wanted present.
Williams says Rep. Brown arranged for Ali to meet with Philly Traffic Ct judge; later, Ali gives her $2,000. #Pasting
"It's all clear, compelling and captured on tape," Williams says of #Pasting
Williams taking on allegations by AG Kane that #PAsting was racially motivated; says they are inaccurate.
Williams: "They took the money not because they were targeted, or tricked, or because of their race - but because they wanted it." #Pasting
Williams said Kane's assertion that there is an affidavit claiming racial targeting is untrue. "There was no affidavit. It never existed."
"It is unfortunate it took a grand bring out these truths," Williams says of #PAsting and Kane's assertions of racism.
Williams says Brown and Waters surrendered themselves in Dauphin Cty, because #PAsting crimes took place in multiple counties.
Williams says he was "disgusted" Kane would bring in race allegations; "It's pouring gasoline on the fire. For no reason. No reason at all."
Williams says his #PAsting investigation will continue; two other state reps were ensnared in #Pasting
Williams: "If anything was flawed, it was the Attorney General's work." #Pasting

Mark Gilson, who handled #PAsting case: "The only thing that was dead-on-arrival or half-assed was that report," he says of AG Kane's review

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