Thursday, November 20, 2014

City Hall Sued Over Property Sales

Philadelphia Republican Party

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City Hall Sued Over Property Sales
Lack of transparency and continued Councilmanic Privilege a problem

Philadelphia November 20, 2014 –Councilman Kenyatta Johnson (D) and the City of Philadelphia have been sued over insider dealing and preferential treatment dealing with the sale of government property.

Because of the near total control and lack of transparency individual Councilmembers are given over the sale of City property, corruption remains part of the system.

“There are so many ways the City can handle selling off land to make sure it is fair and ethical,” says Executive Director Joe DeFelice. “Obviously, that isn’t their intention to run the City well.  They even made sure to hobble the new Land Bank law and built in preferential backdoor treatment to keep this sort of corruption going.”

The lawsuit alleges that Johnson directed City properties to several political friends that made donations to his campaign when multiple people were interested.

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