Thursday, October 16, 2014

Vote NO on the Ballot Questions

Philadelphia Republican Party

Contact:          Joe DeFelice, Executive Director
Phone:             215-756-4158 (mobile)

Vote “NO” on Ballot Questions

Philadelphia, PA October 15, 2014:  Last evening, the Philadelphia Republican City Committee voted to recommend a “No” vote on the three proposed ballot questions for the 2014 General Election on November 4th.

“The proposed ballot questions represent the usual poorly thought out expansion of City Hall’s bureaucracy,” stated Executive Director Joe DeFelice. “More bureaucrats and less transparency seem to be the recurring theme of these ballot questions.”

The first Ballot Question is about making permanent the Office of Sustainability while also making permanent another high level Director. The Republican Party supports government looking to be more sustainable, efficient to use less resources and energy, but that should be a goal that every department should be working towards, not another paper shuffling department.

The second Ballot Question would create a new Department of Prisons and Board of Trustees with the head of the Department making $150,000 minimum.  The Mayor and City Council has done nothing to inform the tax payers of Philadelphia why they need to create a new department with higher paying politically appointed positions.

The third and final Ballot Question is asking voters to allow the City to borrow over $137 million dollars for capital improvements. RCC has two of the same complaints as previous loan requests. First, the Mayor and City Council are not informing the tax payers of what specific projects the borrowing is for, only the categories. Second, the legislation allows City Council to move money to different categories if they desire instead of using the unnecessary money to pay back the loan. In essence, they are asking the tax payers to give them approval to borrow $137 million to do whatever they want. Frankly, we don’t trust their judgment and believe the voters should know specifically what they are being asked to approve.

“No money for schools, taxes go up and they still want to increase debt and hire more people. Philadelphia needs to vote ‘No’ across the board this November,” adds DeFelice.

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