Thursday, October 23, 2014

Public Record: City GOP Urges ‘No’ On Questions

Public Record: City GOP Urges ‘No’ On Questions  
by Joe Shaheeli 

The Philadelphia Republican City Committee voted to recommend a “No” vote on the three proposed ballot questions for the 2014 General Election on Nov. 4.  “The proposed ballot questions represent the usual poorly thought-out expansion of City Hall’s bureaucracy,” stated RCC Exec. Dir. Joe DeFelice. “More bureaucrats and less transparency seem to be the recurring theme of these ballot questions.  “The first ballot question is about making permanent the Office of Sustainability while also making permanent another high-level director. The Republican Party supports government looking to be more sustainable, efficient to use less resources and energy, but that should be a goal that every department should be working towards, not another paper-shuffling department,” he insisted.

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