Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NE Times: Letter to the Editor from 53rd Ward Leader Gary Grisafi

The choice is clear
I urge you to know the facts. Don’t let Tom Wolf pull the wool over your eyes. Eighty per­cent of the people I have spoken to do not know the facts, they have been hear­ing the lies over and over and those lies be­come the truth.
Tom Corbett in­creased fund­ing for ba­sic edu­ca­tion by $1.5 bil­lion since 2011 — a his­tor­ic level. Ed Rendell used fed­er­al stim­u­lus money for schools and was warned not to count on that money for fu­ture budgets. That warn­ing was ig­nored. The Philly schools in­cluded it in their budgets any­way and when it was no longer there they blamed Corbett for cut­ting money to our schools. Rendell gave $8,586,962 of state funds in 2010/2011 and ad­ded $1,042,562 one-time fed­er­al stim­u­lus money, so when Corbett gave more ($9,083,300) of state funds and was giv­en $0 from the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment, it looked like Corbett gave less. Wolf and his friends who donated $1.13 mil­lion to his cam­paign have con­tin­ued to lie about this.
Tom Corbett elim­in­ated more than $1 bil­lion in taxes and re­duced gov­ern­ment spend­ing for the first time in 40 years. Wolf plans on in­creas­ing the in­come tax on hard-work­ing middle-class fam­il­ies, while he pays a tax rate 56 per­cent less than the av­er­age Pennsylvani­an.
Frack­ing com­pan­ies pay 12 per­cent taxes over­all, which is high­er than all oth­er nat­ur­al gas-drilling states. They already pay more taxes than even Texas, so adding an ex­trac­tion tax will hurt all Pennsylvani­ans. Tax rev­en­ue from Pennsylvania’s 9.9-per­cent cor­por­a­tion tax is col­lec­ted to make up for the ex­trac­tion tax. Wolf says he will over-tax these com­pan­ies any­way. Bot­tom line: Taxes kill jobs. 
Tom Corbett cre­ated over 184,000 private sec­tor jobs since 2011. Wolf laid off 15 per­cent of his em­ploy­ees in 2011. He also moved his com­pany to Mary­land.
Tom Corbett un­der­stands that pen­sion re­form means prop­erty tax re­lief for Pennsylvania homeown­ers. Wolf denies the ex­ist­ence of a pen­sion crisis.
I am a small busi­ness own­er and cur­rently have my own mu­sic school. I am very con­cerned that if Tom Wolf wins this elec­tion, my taxes will skyrock­et and I will be forced to close my busi­ness. This will un­for­tu­nately res­ult in a lay­off for the mu­sic teach­ers, and the stu­dents will suf­fer be­cause they will be forced to give up mu­sic les­sons. The “Wolf taxes” will hurt us all.
Gary Grisafi
Re­pub­lic­an Lead­er, 53rd Ward

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