Thursday, October 9, 2014

Democrat City Commissioners Need to Move On

Philadelphia Republican Party
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Democrat City Commissioners
Need to Move On

Philadelphia, PA October 9, 2014:  Today, the Philadelphia City Paper issued a story about Democrat City Commissioner Anthony Clark’s failure to vote in the last five (5) elections[i].  This is appalling yet expected from the Democrats that run this City.  They care so little about Democracy that the main guy in charge of voting; doesn’t even vote himself.  The Committee of Seventy was quick to jump on this story stating that Clark should not seek reelection and we have to agree. 

            Also important in the same release from the Committee of Seventy, Democrat City Commissioner Stephanie Singer, herself a former Chair of the Commissioners, whose office has been plagued by ethical issues, including having her Deputy, Tracey Gordon’s computer confiscated at the request of the City’s Ethics Board[ii], stated that “Singer has already declared her intention to seek re-election in 2015.[iii]  This is problematic for her because the Pennsylvania Code states that she cannot perform official duties and must be replaced by a Judge which would mean that she cannot preside over the Sunshine meetings or participate in the official vote canvass following the election.  Section 301(c) states
(c) Whenever a member of the board of county commissioners is a candidate for nomination or election to any public office, the President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas shall appoint a judge or an elector of the county to serve in his stead.  ((c)amended June 10, 1982, P.L.458, No.135)[iv]

The City’s Board of Ethics further states that a Candidate is defined as “An individual who i) files nomination petitions or papers for public elective office, or ii) publicly announces his or her candidacy for public elective office."[v]  Therefore, in light of the above, we believe that Commissioner Clark should not run for re-election and that Commissioner Singer should recuse herself from any official conduct as the City Commissioner including overseeing the vote canvass and presiding over the weekly Sunshine meetings.


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