Friday, October 17, 2014

Day of Truth About the Impact Fee #dayoftruth

Philadelphia Republican Party
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Day of Truth
About the Impact Fee

Philadelphia, PA October 17, 2014:  Yesterday, Philadelphia Party Leaders joined Elected Officials and Party Leaders throughout the Commonwealth in a “Day of Truth” about the importance of the Impact Fee and, more specifically Act 13.  State Committeeperson and 22nd Ward Leader Calvin R. Tucker stated, “Vital to any discussion about our economic future is the enactment of Act 13, which made major overhaul in Pennsylvania’s oil and gas laws.  In fact this enactment of Act 13 created a significant revenue driver in Pennsylvania’s economy, which is known as the Impact Fee.  As of 2013, the Impact Fee has brought in $630 million to Pennsylvania including $224 million in 2013.”  He further stated, “Look to the Aker Shipyard…because of Governor Corbett, more than 1,000 people have been rehired to fulfill shipbuilding contracts with various energy companies. Unfortunately, Tom Wolf wants to do away with the Impact Fee and grow government in Harrisburg.  Pennsylvania just cannot afford Tom Wolf.”

            Next up, Denise Furey, State Committeewoman and Leader of the 46th Ward, whom has spent roughly thirty years in the energy business, stated “When I hear Tom Wolf speak, I am deeply concerned that he’s letting his liberal ideology get in the way of practical solutions.  The Impact Fee is working in our communities as well as all across Pennsylvania; that Tom Wolf would want to do away with a successful program in order to fund more than $4 billion in new spending is deeply concerning.”

            Tucker and Furey were joined by State Rep Candidate Mike Tomlinson and Congressional Candidate Armond James.  James stated that “This topic is very important in our District and in our State as a whole.  The types of jobs created by this new industry will help shape our future and we shouldn’t take the dollars generated by the Impact fee and lose them within the General Fund.”

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