Thursday, September 4, 2014

Armond James blasts Fattah for ‘corruption’

Opponent blasts Fattah for ‘corruption’

Damon C. Williams Tribune Staff Writer | Posted 
As problems mount for U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah — including the recent federal plea bargain by his former chief of staff, Gregory Laylor, and the surrender of his son, Chaka “Chip” Fattah Jr., to answer to federal corruption charges — political opponents are trying to take advantage.
Armond James, a candidate for Fattah’s 2nd district congressional seat, released a statement blasting Fattah for allowing corruption to foster.“Corruption under any circumstances is troubling. However, it is especially troubling that while our schools are struggling, Congressman Fattah’s son and chief of staff have been charged for using much-needed funds for personal gain,” James said. “They have been accused of stealing from our schools and from our children. The interests of the citizens of the 2nd congressional district have been ignored in favor of personal financial gain, and our resources taken. Congressman Fattah has failed us all.”James is a graduate of Temple University and mentored at-risk children at an advocacy program before embarking on a congressional run. A Republican, he will face Fattah in the November general election. They are the only candidates on the ballot.James’ campaign doubled down on that assessment in a release it circulated to the media.“Now is the time to get rid of corruption and restore integrity to our district,” the release shared. “We need a fresh start with fresh leadership. We do have a choice.”
Fattah hasn’t responded to inquiries related to James’ claims. James may seem like the longest of long shots, but Fattah may have as well when he upset Lucien Blackwell in a 1994 Democratic primary election for the congressional seat.

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