Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Super Saturday

The Philadelphia Republican Party

 Super Saturday
Friday September 5th, SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 6TH, and Sunday September 7th, 2014.
Dear Fellow Republicans,
            The November General Election is right around the corner and we have a ton of work to do to shape the future of our City and our Commonwealth.  Last week we officially launched our Precinct Captain Program and knocked over 2,000 doors in a day; while that was a good start, there is so much more work that needs to be done.  Therefore, if you are a Republican Committeeperson, are already signed up for our Precinct Captain Program or want to volunteer in our efforts, please contact our office so we can assign you a Walkbook, sync you with our app and get you out knocking on doors.  We can be reached via email at anniehavey@phillygop.com, by phone at 215-561-0650, or message us via Facebook by visiting Facebook.com/PhillyGOP.
            Please let us know ASAP if you can help out.  Thank you!!!!

State Rep. John Taylor,
Chairman, Philadelphia Republican Party

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