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GOP 4th Senatorial candidate Gilchrist rejects legislative pension

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GOP 4th Senatorial candidate Gilchrist rejects legislative pension

Robin Gilchrist says “No” to legislative pension

Cheltenham, PA July 31, 2014: Today, Pennsylvania 4th district State Senate candidate Robin Gilchrist, RN announced that he will reject the legislative pension to lead by example in Harrisburg. Pennsylvania’s credit rating recently was downgraded by Moody’s due to outstanding pension obligations. Robin Gilchrist knows that the pension crisis is a burden to the taxpayers of the commonwealth and he refuses to be a hypocrite. That’s why he is rejecting the legislative pension if he is elected. Gilchrist states, “How can I go to Harrisburg and fight for pension reform if I am directly benefiting from it? “Currently, public pensions are on track to consume 60 cents of every dollar in state spending if left unchanged. An estimated $45 Billion in unfunded pension liabilities that is expected to grow to $65 Billion by 2018 is crippling our state. Gilchrist sites, that the property tax hikes that are happening across the state are a direct result of these unfunded liabilities.
Robin also explains that according to Article II section 8 of the PA state constitution, that “legislator pensions are unconstitutional”. Robin wants to make sure that government is held accountable by stopping unconstitutional compensations. The law states that ”The members of the General Assembly shall receive such salary and mileage for regular and special sessions as shall be fixed by law, and no other compensation whatsoever, whether for service upon committee or otherwise.” Robin Gilchrist has continued to stand for the principles of protecting workers from wasteful spending in Harrisburg.
Robin Gilchrist states,” especially in my district, if I am elected it will be by the people and not big money PACS who have an interest in keeping the status quo. That is why I have refused PAC money. I will be beholden to no one but the voters. While I have appreciated endorsements, I will owe no one political favors when I get to Harrisburg.
I am going to do the work of the people.” The citizens of the 4th senatorial district deserve a new senator that wants to serve their interests and not his/her own special interests.

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