Thursday, August 7, 2014

Getting Up to Speed with the Democrats

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Getting Up to Speed with the Democrats

Everything that is Wrong with Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA, August 7, 2014:  Former Traffic Judge going to prison for stealing tax money, Former Common Pleas Judge corruption case proceeds, Traffic Court Judges can fix tickets as long as they don’t take money, City costs crush West Mt. Airy Irish Center, Son of Democratic Congressman arrested for stealing from School District, Councilman confused on non-profit funding and charity status, City Council decides to start using data and some recent memes.

-       Former Democratic Traffic Court Judge Robert Mulgrew has been sentenced to Federal Prison for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of state grant money intended for the Pennsport neighborhood. 

-       More news with corrupt Philadelphia judges.  Former Democratic Common Pleas Judge Willis Berry goes to trial for running his run down rental properties out of his Judicial Chambers and using his secretary as his personal staff; this is the same Judge who was previously found guilty of stealing land from a client in North Philadelphia.

-       And we wonder why we have problems with judges in Philadelphia.  Six former Traffic Court Judges were acquitted of ticket fixing charges.  What makes it odd is they admitted to fixing tickets… they got off simply because they didn’t take money to do it.  I guess they think corruption isn’t corruption if it is just for family and political favors.

-       High taxes and energy costs are driving out the Commodore John Barry Irish Center from West Mt. Airy. Yet, the Dems in City Hall don’t think their constant tax increases and poor management of PGW doesn’t hurt Philadelphians.

-       “Chip” off the old block, Chaka “Chip” Fattah, Jr. has been indicted for fraud and stealing from the School District of Philadelphia. Who does he blame?  Big government. Yeah, we found that funny too.

-       Councilman Kenyatta Johnson continues to skate around the issues of his, not actually a 501c3, non-profit.  Now we find out his claim of them only getting “hundreds of dollars” ended up being a bit larger than that and they still don’t have any records. (Maybe Lois Lerner was working for them?)

-       We applaud City Council wanting to better target how government resources are used… we’re just rather depressed to find out that they haven’t actually been using data before this. (We said depressed, not surprised.) Let’s hope they are better with this data than the 3-1-1 database.


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