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Gilchrist: Art Haywood following in Washington’s Footsteps

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Art Haywood following in Washington’s Footsteps

Art Haywood, Democrat 4th Senatorial Candidate finally Files Statement of financial Interest with the State Ethics Commission on June 18, 2014 after accusing Robin Gilchrist’s campaign of lying while simultaneously failing to File campaign finance reports as required by law.

Cheltenham, PA, July 1, 2014:  It appears that Art Haywood, esq., Democrat, 4th Senatorial Candidate, is following in Sen. Washington’s footsteps once again. As per the State Ethics Commission Website, finally there has been a filing of a Statement of Financial Interests. The report filed 82 Days Late on June 18, 2014. And confirmed by a phone call to the State Ethics Commission by Robin Gilchrist, Republican, 4th Senatorial Candidate who was accused by Haywood of lying about the missed filing in an Article Published by the Daily Tribune on June 2, 2014.  As per state law a Statement of Financial Interest must be filed with the State Ethics Commission before a copy is submitted with a Candidates Petition to the Board of Elections. Gilchrist points out that the Statement as it appears on the State Ethics Commission website was stamped by the Elections Board on March 10, 2014, however it was not stamped as received by the State Ethics commission until June 18, 2014 and the Ethics Commission’s file was marked as last updated on June 19, 2014. Art Haywood and Sen. Washington also failed to file the required 30 day post-primary campaign finance reports.
Gilchrist stated,” This is not the representation the People deserve.” The 42 year old Registered Nurse affirms, “I’m not an Attorney like Haywood but I am held to the same standards of conduct consistent with the Code of Ethics and the law in the political arena and I am held to an even higher code of Ethics as a Registered Nurse. Gilchrist stated,” The Law is the Law and when you demonstrate your lack of respect of the law to those you mean to represent, it becomes apparent that you just summed up how you will represent them.” Gilchrist affirms, “I have earned the trust of my community one patient and one family at a time over a long career. I know this because when a parent places their dying child in your arms they are trusting you with everything they live for and that’s a trust you do not break.” Gilchrist emphasized that he will earn Pennsylvania’s citizen’s trust in the same way. “It’s one thing to behave in a certain way while in the Public eye but the true measure of one’s integrity is doing the right things while no one is looking. Haywood failed to take ownership of his mistake and instead attempted to defame my character to draw attention away from his failure.”
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