Thursday, June 5, 2014

This Week with the Democrats

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This Week with the Democrats

Everything that is Wrong with Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA, June 5, 2014:  Commissioner Stephanie Singer with more Board of Ethics problems.   Council President Darrel Clarke holding more possibly illegal and closed-door meetings.     Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell using Councilmanic privilege to keep the School District from getting $25 million.  What’s next?

-       Last week, we derided City Commissioner Stephanie Singer for allowing Tracey Gordon to, not once but twice, get disciplined by the Ethics Board for engaging in political activity while sitting in Commissioner Singer’s Office.  Fast forward to this week where that same Ethics Board fined Commissioner Singer “for violating the Philadelphia Code's ban on taking official action that impacts a personal financial interest.” In other words, she was using a City employee to do work that she used to solicit campaign donations.
-       Democrat Gubernatorial Nominee Tom Wolf visited a closed door meeting of City Council to ‘get their support’ in his bid for Governor.  When questioned, Council President Darrell Clarke stated that this was not a violation of the Sunshine Law i.e. a law which “prohibits a quorum of members of a public body from conducting business in private.”  To which, the Philadelphia Daily News responded “So it wasn't a Sunshine Act violation. It was politicking in a public building.
-       While the Mayor and the School District were trying to sell buildings to pay down the School District deficit, Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell was actively working to defeat a $25 million sale.  Blackwell “unleashed a tirade on an attorney representing Drexel University [by accusing] the would-be developers of not communicating with her.”

Joe DeFelice, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Republican Party, stated, “Here are more examples of what is wrong with City Hall and why many people have lost faith in our government.  Here we have a City Commissioner that cannot control herself let alone her own people.  She rode the reform wagon into office but appears to have simply adopted the status quo.  Speaking of status quo, her colleagues in City Council appear to have little regard for the laws they pass by taking a page out Singer’s book and politicking in City Hall or blatantly disregarding the Sunshine Laws.”

 “Then we have the typical Democratic Councilmember holding something up [$25 million sale of a school building], not because she has an actual problem with the sale, but because she feels slighted and her ring not properly kissed.”

“Just another week with the Democrats in City Hall.”

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