Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pizza, Pizza...Thank you, Thank you

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Pizza, Pizza

Rep. Bishop: Thank you, Thank you.

Philadelphia, PA, June 17, 2014:  "We're making investments like this across the state so more people will have the opportunity to play a role in Pennsylvania's economic recovery," then-Gov. Ed Rendell said in a 2006 news release touting the disbursement of $1 million in state funds to the Lancaster Avenue Redevelopment Corporation (“LARC”).

Apparently the “more people” he wanted to give opportunity to were the politically connected and ethically challenged.

This week it was published by the Daily News that over $1 million of tax payer money, linked to Gov. Ed Rendell, Rep. Louise Bishop and Mayor Michael Nutter, only brought a Little Caesar’s to the neighborhood into a shopping center named after Rep. Bishop.

This is on the backs of finding out the Democratic administration also handed over millions to J. Whyatt Mondesire to not build housing for low income residents and to not build a football field for children.

“This was one of the reasons why Gov. Corbett scaled down grant programs.  When the Democrats had the Governor’s Mansion, they handed out money to pay back their political cronies with no oversight,“ says Joe DeFelice, Executive Director of Philadelphia Republican Party.  “Those same people really want Tom Wolf to win so they can go back to raiding the cookie jar for phantom projects; it would be a disaster.”

Over the years there have been other instances of grant money run amok in Philadelphia:    Emmanuel Freeman destruction of the Germantown Settlement and ex-Senator Vince Fumo, who had a vacuum cleaner for each floor in each of his houses, are additional high profile examples.

This is the second instance just this year where Rep Bishop has shown to be a taker, first it was receipt of cash from Tyron Ali and now it is this; thankfully it doesn’t appear Reps Vanessa Brown, Ron Waters, or Michelle Brownlee have any projects in the pipeline.


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