Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Poorest Big City in the US

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Poorest Big City in the US
Thank the Democrats

Philadelphia, PA, May 13, 2014:  Today, Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News reported about Philadelphia being the poorest big city in America. He attributed this to City Hall’s decades long failure to help the poor move up and out of poverty.

We are happy that Mr. Bunch has openly acknowledged the well-documented failure of 60 years of Democratic policy in Philadelphia. 

“It’s all about jobs,” says Executive Director of Republican City Committee Joe DeFelice.  “If there are no jobs, then there is a lack of opportunity.  If there is no job growth, then we get stagnant and low income wages.”

“If there is one thing the Democrats in City Hall have been the most successful at, it is driving jobs and business out of Philadelphia.”

In January, the Center City District released a report about changes in job growth over the last 40 years. While Washington, D.C., Boston and New York all have 15-25% more jobs since 1970, Philadelphia has 25% less.

“You can’t blame the Feds when everyone else is growing,” adds DeFelice. “Philadelphia needs new solutions and new faces. The Democrats have failed to help the poor and working class, time and time again.”


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