Thursday, May 15, 2014

NE Times Letter to the Editor - Just Say No to the Status Quo by Executive Director Joe DeFelice

Say no to status quo
On May 20, Phil­adelphia voters will go to the polls and cast bal­lots in primary and spe­cial elec­tions. As luck would have it, there are sev­er­al oth­er is­sues on the bal­lot that are im­port­ant to Phil­adelphi­ans. 
Per­haps one of the most im­port­ant ques­tions is Ques­tion #2, which would elim­in­ate “Resign to Run” for elec­ted of­fi­cials. Pro­ponents of a “yes” vote on this have ar­gued that such elim­in­a­tion will in­crease our clout out­side of Phil­adelphia.  Well, then, it is no won­der that Za­ck Stal­berg, him­self an in­di­vidu­al that lives out­side of Phil­adelphia in Mont­gomery County, has come out in fa­vor and has stated, “In fact, a yes vote for this bal­lot ques­tion is a step to­ward shak­ing up the polit­ic­al class.”  
We could not dis­agree more. This ques­tion was put on the bal­lot by that ex­act polit­ic­al class, i.e. our rep­res­ent­at­ives in City Coun­cil. And why wouldn’t they sup­port it? This is the type of is­sue that will pos­it­ively af­fect their polit­ic­al clout. This change in the Charter, a doc­u­ment which was writ­ten to give Phil­adelphi­ans con­trol over their gov­ern­ment and to com­bat pre­vi­ous cor­rup­tion in the same polit­ic­al cli­mate we find ourselves in today, would have us go­ing back­wards.
Such change will al­low Phil­adelphia elec­ted of­fi­cials to cam­paign for of­fice while hold­ing on to their cur­rent jobs. Polit­ic­al cam­paigns are all con­sum­ing and try­ing to do two full­time jobs, where you ap­peal to two sep­ar­ate groups of cit­izenry, is coun­ter­pro­duct­ive. 
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  1. I voted at Harding jr high. I used to lvote at the synagogue on Tomlinson. Anuway,i was handed literature and,then yelled at by a,large women with braids saying I cant bring flyers in..I put them on the table and,said here take them,i know who im voting for. Then she yelled i cant leave flyers there. Finally someone realized i was there to vote. Geez. Dems hand out flyers at the door,gop had to obey the distance requirement. Boy what a hastle . I told one woman id never vote for anyone against school choice,which is all dems. I sent my kids to cedar grove academy,my grandchildren go to Calvary christian acadrmy. This woman said well you could,afford it. I was a nurse,having gone to school to get off welfare. Single mom of,two afford it? Lol,i dtove a hoopdie,holes in my sneakers and the kids ate at grandmoms. I waited for vouchers that never came. But i wasnt detered. I was not putting my kids in public school. Philly wants more money.for schools? Commrtcials by dems say teachrrs are being hit by students because of lack of funding by Corbett. BS. These kids dont need more money. Maybe being allowed to discipline would help. No amount of money will help philly schools. Chpice is the answer. This stupid women doesnt get it,choice is for people who need help. Like i did. she accused me of having money cause im white. No i worked very hard to put the kids through school,lots of ot. Bought a home,and had to sell because govt decided to give free houses to welfare recipients. My neighborhood of oxford circle was over run with dtugs,crime,rasvist remarks and illegal guns. I had my own gun,but who wants to go to work while the test of the neigh orhood wayches u come and go as they sit home? Im just disgusted,sorry