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PhillyGOP: City Hall Spends $890 million in Overtime for Five Years

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City Hall Spends $890 million in Overtime for Five Years 
Mayor Nutter’s Budget Director says it isn’t a significant amount of money.

Philadelphia, PA, April 7, 2014:  Today, a article showed that City Hall continues to significantly spend on overtime, thus putting a larger burden on the pension fund; what is more alarming is that City Hall has not paid attention to cost associated with it.[i] 

“The lack of oversight by the Mayor and City Council is infuriating,” says Adam Lang, a Sharswood resident and the Party’s 29th Ward Leader.  “They have an example of someone with a base salary of $27K making $86K a year with overtime; they could hire another full-time employee for less than that, including benefits.  Save money in the budget and the pension by employing another Philadelphian?  Why wouldn’t you?”

When asked Budget Director Rebecca Rynhart about why the 20% growth in overtime costs hasn’t raised any red flags, she informed them that “…$890 million over five years is not a significant portion of a city budget…”

“This just shows that the people in charge really don’t care about the money being spent.  How many school district deficits could this cover?  How many more police officers could we hire?  How many more potholes could be filled?  What taxes could we lower?” adds Joe DeFelice, Philadelphia Republican Party Executive Director.   “And where has City Council been on this?  Aren’t they supposed to be having budget hearings right now? “

Rynhart also stated the City meets quarterly about payroll and no one has raised concerns about the amount of overtime.  “I get a monthly payroll (from department heads), giving them the benefit of the doubt they have vetted it,” she said.

“In other words, she is saying no one in Mayor Nutter’s office is actually checking the payroll numbers.  It is just another example of how ‘Rome burned while Nero fiddled’; instead we are more concerned with banning e-cigarettes.  That’s depressing and shows the whole culture in City Hall needs to change” points out DeFelice.


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