Friday, April 4, 2014

Alan Butkovitz - Collecting Monopoly Pieces

Philadelphia Republican Party

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Controller Butkovitz’s Small Focus
Collecting Monopoly Pieces Rather Than Catching the Big Fish

Philadelphia, PA, April 4, 2014:  Why is City Controller Alan Butkovitz using department funds and resources to investigate $2500 in scrap metal theft when his department should be handling more important tasks?  On April 3rd, Butkovitz held a press conference to announce how his investigators caught a Streets Department employee and a School District employee stealing a total of $2500 in scrap metal over three years.[i]

While the Philadelphia Republican Party is all for catching criminal activity, no matter how small; why is Controller Butkovitz spending auditing money on something that the Inspector General or the police could have handled?  If he had a lead about such activity, he should have referred the matter to the appropriate authorities instead of using it for political theater for his attempted Mayoral run.

“Instead of doing the work that other departments can handle, maybe he should focus on the duties that the City Charter actually wants him to focus on,” says Executive Director Joe DeFelice.  “Controller Butkovitz routinely cries poor as the reason why he doesn’t do more comprehensive audits of all the City departments every year; however it appears more likely that he would rather spend the time on what lets him hold a press conference instead of his less sexy day job.”

Instead of digging into $2500 basic theft cases, Alan Butkovitz should be using his resources to look into departmental spending and waste.  For instance,

… he missed catching Emmanuel Freeman stealing tens of millions from the City and non-profits when he plundered Germantown Settlement.[ii]

… he missed catching a Water Department employee stealing more than $1 million in print toner over a five year period.[iii]

… he only found the tens of millions of theft in the Sherriff’s Office a years after it was taking place when he should have caught it the very first year in office.  (Butkovitz assumed office in 2006.  He didn’t find problems until 2010).

The next time Alan Butkovitz holds a press conference that looks like a flea market, we should ask him what he hasn’t been doing instead.

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