Thursday, February 20, 2014

Voter Fraud by Election Board Workers? No Kidding

Philadelphia Republican City Committee
Hon. John J. Taylor, Chairman 

Contact:          Joe DeFelice, Executive Director
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Voter Fraud by Election Board Workers
No Kidding
Philadelphia, PA, February 18, 2014:  Today the Philadelphia District Attorney’s arrested an Election Board Worker for voter fraud by tampering with voting machines and electioneering inside the polls.  Executive Director Joe DeFelice stated,
“This is not surprising to us in the least.  Such voter fraud and tampering has been an ongoing problem in Philadelphia for decades.  In 2008, in the same polling place where Dianah Gregory is accused of violating election law, I watched as Election Board workers actively campaigned for the write in of State Representative Tommy Blackwell, who had previously been knocked off the ballot, in his primary election contest with current State Representative Vanessa Brown.  These workers, when approached by voters at the table, stated ‘We have stamps to write in Tommy Blackwell available here.’ While these actions are outrageous, they are also commonplace in the city and we need to take the necessary steps to prevent such violations from occurring.   The Election Board is the first line in providing free and fair elections, and unfortunately, this is where we see the majority of our election-related issues. Consider that in 2012 in Philadelphia, the Republican Party of PA, under my leadership, appointed 300 Minority Inspectors in divisions with few Republicans.  Of the 300 Minority Inspectors, 100 were denied entry to polling places and subjected to racial intimidation despite having a Court Orders signed by President Judge Pam Dembe. National news outlets, as well as local, highlighted these stories prominently and it is this coverage that forced the General Assembly to hold election reform hearings in the State Government Committee specifically dealing with Election Board issues in Philadelphia.  How can voters feel confident that their votes are being counted – and how can we ensure the integrity of any election – if we allow this type of tampering and fraud to continue in Philadelphia?  And how can we curb this problem if our inspectors aren’t even allowed inside the building?”
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