Monday, February 24, 2014

Run for Republican Committeeperson

February 24, 2014

Re:       Run for Republican Committeeperson
Dear Fellow Republican: 
            Please accept this letter on behalf of the Philadelphia Republican City Committee as an invitation to run for Republican Committeeperson.  As a Republican Committeeperson, you get to be the Party’s representative in your neighborhood.  You will have the opportunity to meet Elected Officials, be involved in policy discussions and help shape the City’s future.  The Committeeperson position is a great way to meet your neighbors and help influence the quality of life in your community.  In order to run for Committeeperson, you need to retrieve a petition and gets signatures from ten registered Republicans in your voting division. 

If you are interested in running, please contact me and I will get you a street list and a petition or help get you in contact with your local GOP Ward Leader to facilitate the process.  If you would like to get in touch with me, please call our office at 215-561-0650 or email me at  In the meantime, to follow us more closely, please “Like” us on Facebook or “Follow” us on Twitter @PhillyGOP. 
Very Truly Yours,
                                                                     Joseph J. DeFelice, Esq.                     
                                                                     Executive Director    
                                                                     (215) 756-4158

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