Monday, February 10, 2014


Memorial Resolution for The Honorable Joseph J. Duda, Sr.

It is with profound sadness that the Republican Party of Philadelphia County and the Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania acknowledges the passing of a former City Commissioner Joseph J. Duda, Sr. on January 8, 2014.

WHEREAS, Joe Duda was born and raised in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania and  graduated from Germantown Academy.  After marrying his wife Peggy, they bought a home in the Parkwood section of Philadelphia and began to raise their family.  He is survived by a wonderful, caring family including his devoted, loving wife Peggy, his daughter, Laura Lorio and her husband Gary, and his son, Joseph and his wife Sharon.  Joe is survived by his grandchildren, Timothy and Taylor Lorio and Kendra Duda.  In addition, Joe is survived by his brother, Stephen.

WHEREAS, Joe began his political career as a volunteer and Committeeman in the 58th Ward of Philadelphia County.  The Election Commissioners later split the 58th Ward and Joe became the Ward Leader of the 66th Ward Republican Executive Committee and served as Ward Leader for over forty years until his death.  The Republican registration of the 66th Ward continues to be larger than many counties.  Most recently, Joe tirelessly recruited committee people (90 out of 92) and election board workers.

WHEREAS, Joe worked on various campaigns including, but not limited to the election Frank Salvatore as State Representative and later State Senate; the elections of George Kenney and Dennis O’Brien to the State House; and the election of Brian O’Neill as Councilman in the 10th Councilmatic District.

WHEREAS, Joe was appointed and served as Executive Director of Republican City Committee for over thirty years.

WHEREAS, Joe’s interest in politics continued to flourish and in 1995, he was elected to the office of City Commissioner where he served with great distinction.  Joe knew the Election Code and may have been the only opponent of the Motor Voter Act in Pennsylvania.

WHEREAS, when Joe was stricken ill, he continued serving his community and the Republican Party as Ward Leader.

WHEREAS, Joe's passing was a great loss to his wife, family, their community and this great Commonwealth.  In short, it can be said that he loved his family and dedicated much of himself to the Republican Party, this great Nation and its political process.

IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that in recognition of this outstanding man who held strong the belief of God and Country, and as evidence of the esteem and admiration in which he was held by all his friends and colleagues, that this resolution, which is being presented by the members of the Philadelphia County Republican Committee, our State Committee members and by our elected officials, be adopted and be permanently placed in the archives of the Republican State Committee and that a copy of this Resolution be presented to Joe's wife, Peggy and his family, along with the deep and heartfelt sympathy of his fellow members of the Republican State Committee.

Resolved this 1st day of February 2014
Republican State Committee
Harrisburg, PA

Robert Gleason

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