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Governor Corbett to be Honored for Commitment to Philadelphia Port

Governor Corbett to be Honored for Commitment to Philadelphia Port

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Later this week, the Seamen’s Church Institute of Philadelphia & South Jersey will present the Spirit of the Port Award to Governor Tom Corbett for his commitment to ensuring the Philadelphia port prospers and grows as a viable part of the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and U.S. economy. The Philadelphia port is supporting more than 130,000 jobs paying more than $7.8 billion annually in wages and salaries.  The award is accompanied by an announcement recognizing the Governor’s achievement in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, attached and seen below.

Please see the following statement from Campaign Manager Mike Barley:

“Governor Tom Corbett remains committed to growing Pennsylvania’s economy, strengthening our energy sector with Marcellus Shale development, saving the southeast refineries and attracting new opportunities for the Philadelphia port and shipyards. Governor Corbett has kept taxes low and empowered the private-sector to create more family-sustaining jobs on a path to securing greater economic growth and a brighter future for the people of Pennsylvania.”


·        CNBC, Made-in-USA shipbuilding finds an unlikely ally, 10/25/2013

“And while it might not be surprising that the City of Brotherly Love is home to a thriving shipbuilding economy, the reason for the boom might be: domestic oil production…At a cost of $200 million each, the tankers represent a significant investment that will help boost Philadelphia's economy...And with energy production in Texas and North Dakota at record highs, it looks like the ship builders in Philadelphia will be busy for quite a while.”

·        Philadelphia Inquirer, After lean years, Aker Philadelphia Shipyard is hopping, 10/26/2013

“After several lean years, the nation's second-largest commercial shipyard has enough work to keep busy for several years. The 1,110 employees are back, and morale is high.”

“As the City of Philadelphia continues its role of as a major port for shipments of Chilean fruit, Chilean Minister of Agriculture Luis Mayol Bouchon met with Gov. Tom Corbett…Corbett says the port of Philadelphia is improving to meet the needs of the fruit business and other cargo….Grapes and kiwis are among the cargo that comes through the port supporting good-paying jobs for workers from truck drivers to those who unload the cargo from the ships.”

“State and city officials were rolling out the red carpet today at the Packer Marine Terminal in South Philadelphia for Horizon Lines.  The cargo company has decided in favor of Philadelphia…to the delight of Keystone State officials…Governor Tom Corbett…says it’s a major coup for Pennsylvania, and predicts this announcement will be the first of many….Corbett says this will mean jobs — approximately 635 jobs and an additional 200 vendors and others who will come in to serve those working.  Horizon Lines officials were equally optimistic.”

·        Newsworks, Delaware River dredging reaches Philadelphia, 09/12/2012

“More than 20 years after planning started for the deepening of the Delaware River, dredging of the nearly 12-mile section between the Walt Whitman Bridge and the Philadelphia International Airport started this week…Boosters of the project, including Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, say increased shipping will bring tens of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars to the region.”

“Corbett led another phalanx of state and local officials back to the lower end of the county on Wednesday to complete something of a trifecta when it comes to the region's critical refining business…Thousands of jobs were at stake, and a way of life - a ticket to a solid, middle-class life - hung in the balance. Ten months later, all three facilities have a future, as do all those employees…Corbett has made good on his pledge to make Pennsylvania more business friendly, especially when it comes to the energy arena….Compared to where the region stood a few months ago, and the economic abyss that loomed, it's a solid investment.”

o   Site Selection Magazine, Philly’s Resurgent Refineries, 02/2013

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