Wednesday, January 29, 2014

State of the Union Lacks Urban Agenda

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Urban Agenda Absent from
State of The Union
President Obama lacks ideas to create urban jobs
Philadelphia, PA, January 29, 2014:  Yesterday it became abundantly clear that President Obama does not have a plan to entice good paying jobs to cities such as Philadelphia. Instead the President chose to regale us with empty platitudes and promote tax and spend policies. “Obtaining a good paying job is an issue that affects every family in this city. Instead of rolling out the old stale policies of big government, we would like to see the President work with Congress to greatly reduce federal taxes and burdensome regulations in cities struggling with above average unemployment such as Philadelphia,” stated Philadelphia Republican City Committee Executive Director Joe DeFelice. According to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Philadelphia’s unemployment rate is 9.5% for December 2013, three points above the national average. But the real unemployment rate is believed to be significantly higher since many long-term unemployed have given up looking for work or hold jobs below their skill level.
“Enticing people to build businesses and create jobs in Philadelphia is an issue both Republicans and Democrats support,” DeFelice continued.  “What we need is the President to sit down with Congress and think outside the box to develop a plan to reduce the burden of doing business in a large city such as Philadelphia. Unfortunately though, it seems we are not on the President’s radar.” If the President will not act to create urban jobs, The City of Philadelphia must take the initiative by reducing and removing elements of the Business Income and Receipts Tax (formerly the Business Privilege Tax) as Mayor Nutter promised during his 2009 campaign. Removing burdensome local taxes will be a good start to creating jobs in Philadelphia and a step towards growing our city’s regional economy into a global economic leader.

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