Thursday, December 12, 2013

“Land Bank” Needs To Be More Open

“Land Bank” Needs To Be More Open
Republican City Committee Recommends reforming Vacant Property Review Committee
Philadelphia, PA, December 12, 2013:  With passage of a flawed “Land Bank” bill in Philadelphia that doesn’t achieve the streamlining that has been promised, it is important that Philadelphians push for better reform of how the City handles selling land.
“Including the VPRC in the decision making process is a fatal flaw of the Land Bank,” says Adam Lang, Chairman of the RCC Policy Committee.  “The City was looking at a Land Bank because of how dysfunctional the existing three property departments are.  The VPRC is run by the Council President and the heads of those same entities.”
“We’ve gone from three dysfunctional agencies to four agencies controlled by the original three.”
The VPRC should be removed and Council involvement limited to oversight as opposed to its current micromanagement.
In the interim, the VPRC itself needs significant reforms if it is to currently remain.
“The VPRC has a board spot for an agency (PCDC) that doesn’t exist anymore, has no minority party representation and filled by the current broken agencies that are supposed to ‘go away’,” Lang added. “City Council already needs to ‘reform the reform’.”

Republican City Committee will continue to work with Philadelphians to properly fix the significant blighted land problem in Philadelphia.

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