Wednesday, May 27, 2015

From Today's Northeast Times Re: Arrest of Election Board Workers

Joe De­Fe­lice, ex­ec­ut­ive dir­ect­or of the Re­pub­lic­an City Com­mit­tee, is ap­plaud­ing the ar­rests of three elec­tion in­spect­ors and an elec­tion judge for a vari­ety of elec­tion law vi­ol­a­tions in 2014, in­clud­ing adding votes to the total tally and not liv­ing in the di­vi­sion in which they claimed to be res­id­ents.
Re­pub­lic­an poll work­ers re­por­ted the in­frac­tions to city elec­tions com­mis­sion­er Al Schmidt, who for­war­ded them to the dis­trict at­tor­ney’s of­fice.
The polling place was at 1401 N. Han­cock St.
“Thank­fully, there were re­spons­ible poll work­ers at this poll who would not sit idly by as the fraud was com­mit­ted. However, what about the oth­er 1,600-plus di­vi­sions throughout the city? In many of them, Re­pub­lic­an poll watch­ers and court-ap­poin­ted elec­tion board work­ers have no­tori­ously been dis­al­lowed entry, with the so-called ‘judges of elec­tions’ blatantly dis­reg­ard­ing court or­ders,” De­Fe­lice said. “It is un­for­tu­nate that in the Cradle of Liberty that we still can’t ex­pect fair and hon­est elec­tions. Thank­fully, City Com­mis­sion­er Al Schmidt was on top of this.”

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Déjà vu All Over Again - More Election Workers Arrested for Voter Fraud

Philadelphia Republican City Committee
Hon. John J. Taylor, Chairman

Contact:          Joe DeFelice, Executive Director
Phone:             215-756-4158 (mobile)

Déjà vu All Over Again
More Election Workers Arrested for Voter Fraud
Philadelphia, PA, May 18, 2015:  Tomorrow is the Philadelphia Primary Election, where voters will go to the polls and choose their Party’s nominees for Citywide Offices for the General Election.  However, four of those people tasked with making sure there is a fair election probably will not be there tomorrow because they were arrested today by District Attorney Seth Williams due to tips he fielded from Republican Pollworkers who reported infractions to City Commissioner Al Schmidt who, in turn, forwarded them to the District Attorney.   Williams stated that “election judge Sandra Lee, 60; minority inspector Alexia Harding, 22; machine inspector Gregory Thomas, 60; and machine inspector James Collins, 68, at the time, were charged with a variety of election law violations because they also worked together to add six votes to the total tally [and that] Harding, Collins and Thomas also did not live in the division where they claimed to be residents, he said.
“This isn’t the first time that Philadelphia has been at the forefront of Election irregularities and voter fraud.  Last year Election Judge Dianah Gregory was arrested and found guilty of tampering with voting machines.  Prior to that, as reported in the Associated Press, there were hundreds of more votes cast than actual voters that showed to the polls in a Primary Election.  Thankfully there were responsible pollworkers at this poll who would not sit idly by as the fraud was committed, however what about the other 1600 plus divisions throughout the City?  In many of them, Republican Poll watchers and Court Appointed Election Board workers have notoriously been disallowed entry with the so-called Judges of Elections blatantly disregarding Court Orders.  It is unfortunate that in the Cradle of Liberty that we still can’t expect fair and honest elections; thankfully City Commissioner Al Schmidt was on top of this and we will not see a repeat of this, atleast not at this location, tomorrow,” stated Executive Director Joe DeFelice. 
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