Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Philly GOP Urges "NO" Votes on Ballot Questions

Philadelphia Republican Party
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Philadelphia Republicans Urge “NO” Votes on Ballot Questions
Primary Election, Tuesday May 19, 2015 7AM-8PM

Philadelphia April 27, 2015 – Last Thursday evening the Philadelphia Republican City Committee (“RCC”) met and voted on a recommendation for the Ballot Questions for this May’s Primary.  After a rigorous debate, the Party voted and recommended a NO vote for each of the four ballot questions.

For the non-binding ballot question about disbanding the School Reform Commission (Ballot Question #1), we recommend a "NO" vote.  While the RCC believes there needs to be ample discussion about the configuration of the School District going forward, we continue to hold to our position that the City Charter is an important legal document for the structure of our City government and it should not be modified by City Council to record non-binding results of a poll.

For the ballot question proposing the creation of a "Commission for Women" (Ballot Question #2), we recommend a "NO" vote. "I'm actually insulted that they think they need to form a commission to know about issues for women," stated Center City Ward Leader Barbara Coxe.

For the ballot question requesting to expand the mandate of increased language services for government offices (Ballot Question #3), we recommend a "No" vote. "In Harrisburg, legislation like this typically comes along with a fiscal note that details the added cost of the program to the budget," added RCC Chairman and State Representative John Taylor. "They are asking us to approve a program that could be very expensive without providing voters with any information on the costs."

For the final ballot question relating to the creation of a Commission for funding universal pre-Kindergarten (Ballot Question #4), we recommend a "No" vote.  While we appreciate the value of pre-K education to a child’s development, we feel it is irresponsible to look into new services until we adequately fund our K-12 schools.  Additionally we believe we should not be adding new educational services until we fix our existing schools which are not delivering quality educations.

Therefore, the Philadelphia Republican City Committee urges a NO vote on all four ballot questions.

Philadelphia Republican City Committee – 215-561-0650 – 3525 Cottman Ave. Phila., PA 19149

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