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Congressman Fattah and His Nonprofits

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Democrat Chaka Fattah’s Links to Nonprofits
Philadelphia, PA September 2, 2014:  With the recent revelations about Democratic Congressman Fattah’s links to public corruption through a nonprofit he helped found as well as a political campaign fund, it makes one wonder about the integrity of other organizations he has helped found that are run by close friends or ex staffers.

There are three main nonprofits attributed to Fattah: Education Advancement Alliance (EAA), American Cities Foundation (ACF) and CORE Philly.

EAA is the nonprofit linked to the recent corruption scandal of Gregory Naylor, whose firm, Sydney Lei & Associates, Inc., also employs Fattah’s daughter as a “Management Consultant.”  EAA is also run by the spouse of a prior Fattah staffer[i] and previously had a Congressional earmark set aside to benefit the estranged husband of City Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, who also “maintained… that she borrowed $3,300 from Chaka "Chip" Fattah Jr., son of the representative, because her estranged husband had refused to make mortgage payments on their house.”[ii]

The second nonprofit, ACF, is run by a prior Fattah staffer: Sandra Dungee Glenn.  Glenn was a former Commissioner of the Philadelphia School Reform Commission and later appointed to the Pennsylvania Board by Governor Ed Rendell.  It is also interesting to note that Fattah rents his District Office, 2401 N. 54th Street, out of a building this nonprofit owns.[iii]

The final major nonprofit associated with Fattah is CORE Philly.  This is another education/scholarship nonprofit that has had rumors of being investigated for years. They are linked to EAA in a Department of Justice audit in 2013. [iv]

 “The pattern that is developing of Fattah and his nonprofit allies is disappointing as it appears they were tugging at the heart strings of parents as education advocates while their main purpose may have been their personal benefit,” stated Executive Director Joe DeFelice.  “This could end up being very painful if we find out that money was stolen from our education system and our children.”

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