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Haywood’s “Campaign of Questions” says Gilchrist

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Haywood’s “Campaign of Questions” says Gilchrist

Will Democrats vote for more of the same?

Cheltenham, PA, August 21, 2014:   Once again, Haywood’s “Campaign of Questions” is drawing attention from Conservative and Liberal voters alike due to some of Art Haywood‘s top allies being linked to investigations. Gilchrist said, “Art Haywood has displayed a serious lack of judgment when it comes to who he allows in his inner circle from ex-con, Chester Fulton, to the State Representative Dwight Evans.”  Evans, who founded OARC and claims he is no longer involved with the “Non-Profit” is credited with using his position as Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee to direct more than $29 million in state aid to the nonprofit. However last year’s state investigation uncovered approximately $12 million was misspent which apparently has triggered an ongoing FBI investigation into OARC in past weeks. According to Haywood’s “Campaign for Compassion” finance reports, Evans is his biggest supporter committing well over $50,000 in loans and contributions thus far. Haywood who also drinks from the cup of Non-profits has credited himself as having worked with OARC.
Chester Fulton, who has received $27,068 in consulting work for the Haywood campaign, pled guilty in June 2010 to filing a false tax return as part of a plea deal. Following an FBI investigation that revealed after earning over $500,000 in political consulting fees from 2001 to 2007 Fulton reported an average $10,000 in net yearly income. Prosecutors also said that Fulton received a contract from the City of Philadelphia in 2005 to operate a homeless shelter for men recently released from prison.
 Fulton, then embezzled $145,000 from the shelter and used the money to pay personal expenses, prosecutors said. Court papers said Fulton valued his home at $800,000 at the time, leased several Mercedes and paid more than $20,000 a year to send his son to an "exclusive" private school. Gilchrist asked, “Were Philadelphia Public Schools not good enough?  If there is such a thing as a crystal ball I think we have just seen it,” according to Gilchrist, a 43 year old Registered Nurse.  “Are Democrats gearing up to vote for more of the same or are they ready to choose another direction to reach the goals of better education and a true economic recovery?” Gilchrist asked.  “Voters I have encountered while canvassing have grown tired of voting the same way and expecting a different result. That’s why I am running. Come November 4th they will have an opportunity to choose the right person who has the best intentions for the District,” stated Gilchrist.

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