Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Butkovitz: "Display Art?" Philly GOP: "How about Selling It?"

Philadelphia Republican Party
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Would Be Mayoral Candidate Butkovitz’s Limited Focus
Display Art?  How About Selling It?

Philadelphia, PA, August 27, 2014:  Today Mayoral wannabe Alan Butkovitz issued a press release where he “called on the School District of Philadelphia to display the more than 200 pieces of artwork that have been concealed in a storage facility for the last decade…The concealed historical collection has a replacement value of almost $4 million and contains pieces of art ranging in value from $100 to as high as $385,000.” [i]  While the display of art in our schools is certainly important, the education of our students should be paramount.  We are thankful that Controller Butkovitz has found this hidden treasure, however wouldn’t it be in the best interest of the School District of Philadelphia to lease these pieces or even, gasp, sell them?  “We agree with Controller Butkovitz, in his letter to Superintendent Hite, that we could ‘partner …with the Philadelphia Museum of Art or the Atwater Kent Museum’ especially if those partnerships result in a leasing option but why don’t we take it a step further and see what the resale value of these art pieces are?”  said Philly GOP Executive Director Joe DeFelice.  “The thought there is potentially $4 Million Dollars of untapped assets sitting in garages and storage facilities, while the District is begging for resources, is disappointing.” 


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