Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mayor Nutter: Let Them Eat Pretzel

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Mayor Nutter:  Let Them Eat Pretzel

Or Perhaps Funnel Cake

Philadelphia, PA, July 8, 2014:  Amid wide complaints about excessive vulgarity during the Welcome America Concert, Mayor Michael Nutter said if people didn’t like it, they could “go get something to eat!”1

“How does Mayor Nutter think this is an appropriate response? We all understand it is hard to control what a performer may say or do at a concert, like Public Enemy’s open support for Cop Killer Mumia Abu Jamal last year; but for him to put it on the parents in this situation is just baffling,” stated Philadelphia Republican Party Executive Director Joe DeFelice. “What does he want people to do?  Spend 30 minutes trying to get off the Parkway after they hear the first five f-bombs?”

Nutter also added, “The acts are fairly well known, and people have the choice to either not participate while that artist is on, or not be around, or go to the bathroom.”1

In response DeFelice points out, “Since the acts are fairly well known to perform in a non-family friendly manner, as Nutter points out, shouldn’t the City have avoided using them?”

The City of Philadelphia is America’s birthplace and there should be an expectation of class on Independence Day where families, from all over the Country, can come and celebrate our Nation’s founding.  Unfortunately, the Mayor’s recent comments don’t sound very welcoming to the Welcome America crowd. 

1 http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2014/07/07/nutter-says-city-will-review-this-years-expletive-deleted-welcome-america-concert/

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