Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Williams Takes the Baton and Further Proves that Kane is Not Able

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Williams Takes the Baton and is Running with it

Proving that Kane is Not Able

Philadelphia, PA, June 18, 2014.  Today, District Attorney Seth Williams Announced a Grand Jury investigation into several of his Philadelphia Democrat Party Members.  "If crimes occurred here, of this magnitude, of this nature, then we can't be indifferent, we can't put our heads in the sand," Williams said at a news conference as reported on  He went on to refer to the ‘accused’ which are Democrat State Representatives Ron Waters, Vanessa Brown, Louise Bishop and Michelle Brownlee along with former Traffic Court Judge Thomasine Tynes.  These individuals have been accused of taking cash bribes amongst other gifts from Tyron Ali, a lobbyist who was working on behalf of the State Attorney General in a Sting Operation, and not reporting them on their statements of financial interests.

            Philadelphia Republican Party Executive Director Joe DeFelice, who has been critical of Williams in the past for not prosecuting political corruption much like his predecessor Lynn Abraham, today commended Williams by stating “With all these accusations flying around the Commonwealth, how could Williams not look into this; today he did the prudent thing by convening a Grand Jury in this matter.  A lot of the facts of this case have been put forth in the Court of Public Opinion; it is nice to know that DA Williams takes these accusations seriously enough to potentially put them forward to a Court of Law, unlike his Colleague Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who has bungled this from the start and has used weak reasoning such as sex and race for motivation into the sting, clearly ignoring the facts in front of her.  Hopefully, the investigations into JP Miranda’s Ghost Employees and LeAnna Washington’s Birthday Parties, along with this Grand Jury, will begin to clean up the culture that has permeated the Philadelphia Democrat Party.”

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