Monday, June 2, 2014

Robin Gilchrist Press Release

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Press Release

Art Haywood Following in Washington’s footsteps with Alleged Ethics violations, and No shows to Township Meetings.

Art Haywood, Democrat 4th Senatorial Candidate failed to File Statement of financial Interest with the State Ethics Commission as required by law and misses on average, 15% of Township Meetings.

Cheltenham, PA, May 30, 2014:  It appears that Art Haywood, esq., Democrat, 4th Senatorial Candidate, is following in Sen. Washington’s footsteps. As per the State Ethics Commission Website, there has been no filing of a Statement of Financial Interests. A phone call to the State Ethics Commission confirmed by Robin Gilchrist, Republican, 4th Senatorial Candidate who seems to be almost singlehandedly taking on the Democrat machine. According to Gilchrist, he spoke with Brian D. Jacisin, Director of Investigations, after confirming the alleged violation with clerical staff this morning. Robin Gilchrist requested to speak with Robert P. Caruso, Executive Director who was out of the office. As per state law a Statement of Financial Interest must be filed with both the State Ethics Commission and a copy submitted with a Candidates Petition to the Board of Elections. Gilchrist made three attempts to contact the Board of Elections but was met with resistance. A person who didn’t identify herself claimed that statements have to be verified before accepting a petition. So why wasn’t a Statement filed with the Ethics Commission? Gilchrist was told that the matter will be given their fullest attention.
Gilchrist stated,” This is not the representation the People deserve.” The 42 year old Registered Nurse affirms, “I’m not an Attorney like Haywood but I am held to the same standards of conduct consistent with the Code of Ethics. Simply stated,” The Law is the Law”. What is Haywood hiding? The People will wonder, Or will they? “It seems that PA politics have become so diluted with corruption, cronyism and the lack of our leaders having any sort of a moral compass that anything seems to go”, says Gilchrist. According to Cheltenham Township’s website, Haywood has missed on average 15% of meetings. Some of which were addressing important issues of flooding, public works and economic development. Gilchrist states,” My work Ethic is to give 110% 100% of the time, that’s how things get done.”
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