Friday, June 27, 2014

Philly Dems - All Around Town the Same Song

Philadelphia Republican Party
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This Week With The Democrats

All Around Town the Same Song

Philadelphia, PA, June 27, 2014:  Stephanie Singer injecting herself (and her staff) into partisan political matters again.  Tartaglione, Matos and Acosta breaking more laws.  Jewell Williams and the new, er old, Sheriff in town.

-       Stephanie Singer was lambasted this week by a Judge of Elections for interfering in a polling place in North Philly.  The accusations included handing out literature, disrupting the election and playing a loudspeaker; couple this with her previous fine paid to the ethics board and the two violations of one of her Chief Deputies culminating with the confiscation of her work computer, Singer has flipped reform on its head and possibly made Philadelphians yearn for the good old days of Marge Tartaglione…well maybe not (see photo at bottom).
-       Speaking of the Tartagliones, Juniata Community Mental Health Clinic, linked with former Deputy Commissioner Renee Tartaglione, her felon husband and Democratic Ward Leader Carlos Matos and Democratic Ward Leader (and mother of Democrat State Rep. candidate) Sandy Acosta, was raided by the FBI for the possibility of Medicaid fraud. Looks like Matos is about to get a promotion from stealing from Atlantic City to stealing from the Federal government. 
-       Contrary to the new rules setup for the Sheriff’s Department (you know, the one that doesn’t even have an accounting system to handle hundreds of millions of dollars), Sheriff Jewell Williams has been handing out hundreds of thousands of dollars of contracts with no Law Department approval or going out to bid.  On top of it, they have been going to friends and political contributors.  The new sheriff in town seems an awful lot like the old one.

Joe DeFelice, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Republican Party, stated, “It is absolutely ridiculous we keep seeing the same names in the newspaper of corrupt Democratic Party members; I mean, it is bad enough to see them once, but these are repeat offenders and the same song continues on…”

“Just another week with the Democrats in City Hall.”

Photo Courtesy of Chris Brennan from the Philadelphia Daily News

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