Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mayor Nutter Supports Old Way Instead of New Day

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Mayor Nutter Supports Old Way Instead of New Day

Philadelphia, PA, June 19, 2014.  A Philly article today reported on why the top employee in Mayor Nutter’s Open Data and Transparency Initiative abruptly quit.
Basically, Mark Headd quit because Mayor Nutter wouldn’t force the Revenue Department to open up data involving property tax balances and kept using old ways of checking for tax deadbeats.

From the article Headd says, “And that was my single biggest frustration during my time at the city — we were constantly using 20th century answers to problems that required a 21st century solution.”

“This is another example of the troubling trend out of the Democrats in City Hall.  Even when they finally elect someone that claims the reformer mantle, they still refuse to fight against the entrenched dinosaurs that want to do everything the old way,” says Joe DeFelice, Executive Director of Philadelphia Republican City Committee.  “Reform isn’t easy and it is even harder when you support Old Way over New Day.”

It’s also a disturbing pattern for Information Technology projects in general for City Hall.
“City Hall has had a very poor track record of being able to implement IT projects as well,” adds Adam Lang, Republican Ward Leader and IT Professional.  “There was the $40+ million water billing system disaster.  Then the Sheriff’s Department, which handles tens of millions of dollars a year, without a computerized accounting system. And how did that municipal wi-fi work out?”

“There are many more examples of IT project failures in City Hall over the years.  If you can’t even get your own Department heads to do what you want, how are you going to lead and control consultants?”

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