Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kick the Can - Sell PGW to Save Schools

Philadelphia Republican Party

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Playing Kick the Can in the Summer

Might as Well Sell PGW to Bail Out the Schools

Philadelphia, PA, June 15, 2014:  Here we go again.  Thunk… Thunk… Thunk...
That’s the sound of City Hall’s annual game of “Kick the School District Can Down the Road”. It’s the time of year where all of the noise coming out of Broad St. is talk of more taxes and one time fixes. It's the standard kabuki dance of doomsday scenarios that tear at parents, students and teachers in the School District of Philadelphia that routinely drive families out of Philadelphia for the semblance of normalcy found in the suburbs.

This year is no different from the others.  We have the sales tax to be raised as well as new taxes on cigarettes and e-cigarettes; anther temporary fix has been to sell school buildings and take out more debt.

Since City Hall is looking to do nothing more than temporary fixes that don’t solve anything beyond the coming school year, maybe they should make life easier for Philadelphians for a change and think bigger and bolder.  Rather than cobbling together debt and school building sales for several little can kicks, go big and use $216M from the PGW sale– the amount requested by Dr. Hite-to cover it all. Thuuuuuunk!

Sure, doing that doesn’t fix anything beyond the upcoming school year, but neither do the City Hall’s current plans.  But at least using money from the PGW sale would eliminate the continuing indignity of looking for loose change in the couch cushions, immediately end the hostage crisis for this year and  finally give parents and kids a summer free of uncertainty.  At the same time Philadelphians will end up with a better run gas company and the city leadership can use the time freed from the usual summer carping and the petty bickering (and of course their vacation) and  actually devise a long term solution for the fiscal health of the school district.


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