Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Robin Gilchrist – Fixing Pennsylvania’s Public Education

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Friends of Robin Gilchrist
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Robin Gilchrist – Fixing Pennsylvania’s Public Education
This year voters can say “NO” to failing schools and “YES” to better, safer schools.Robin Gilchrist supports school choice; giving parents the freedom to choose the best educational options for their children.
Cheltenham, PA May 25, 2014:

Art Haywood is wrong – According to his website, Haywood states, “In 1994, my wife Julie and I made the decision to move from Germantown to Cheltenham in order to ensure our children received the best Public school education that we can provide them.” So why doesn’t he want that option of a quality education for those who can’t afford to pick up and get out of dodge? Surely those who would benefit most from a quality education are those who are trapped financially in a failing district. Art Haywood is Executive Vice President and Legal Counsel for Esperanza, a non-profit that operatesEsperanza Academy Charter School, serving a total of 1,435 students. This would seem to be a contradiction in practicing what one preaches.

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