Thursday, May 29, 2014

Democrat Deputy City Commissioner Has Computer Seized

Philadelphia Republican Party
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Democrat Deputy City Commissioner Has Computer Seized

Remember “Those who count the votes decide everything”

Philadelphia, PA, May 29, 2014: Here we go again.  Today, Chris Brennan from the Philadelphia Daily News posted a story on the Philly Clout website that Democrat Deputy City Commissioner Tracey Gordon, who works for Democrat City Commissioner Stephanie Singer, “is apparently in trouble once again for engaging in prohibited political activity.”  Brennan goes on to write that Gordon’s computer was seized by the "City the request of the Philadelphia Board of Ethics" and that this was her second offense. 

Joe DeFelice, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Republican Party, who had been heavily critical of the Commissioners’ Office under the previous reign of Marge Tartaglione, issued the following statement:

We are highly disappointed by this story.  Stephanie had run as an antiestablishment, anti-DROP and anticorruption candidate but it appears that we are getting more of the same from her office; thankfully, her fellow City Commissioners dumped her as Chairwoman of the Board last year.

With a Judge of Elections getting arrested in the 28th Ward, Joseph Cheeseboro voting in two different locations in the 26th Ward and hundreds of divisions showing more votes than voters in the Democrat Primary, how could we expect anything else from Commissioner Singer’s office?

Couple this with Willie Singletary’s numerous illicit actions, Pam Delissio’s housing issues and the acts of the Floundering Four (State Representatives Louise Bishop, Vanessa Brown, Michelle Brownlee and Ron Waters), it is more and more apparent that the Democrat Party in this City does not learn from the actions of their elected colleagues.  What is even more disturbing is that Gordon works in an office that is responsible for overseeing the vote count; I guess it was like Josef Stalin allegedly said, “Those who cast the votes decide nothing…those who count the votes decide everything.”

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