Thursday, April 10, 2014

Public Record: Philly GOP Bites Back


City GOP Executive Director Joe DeFelice has been biting back at the long unchallenged rule of the Democratic Party in this city. He’s doing so by releasing what can be used as fodder when the mayoral race comes up again.
For instance, he reports 29th Ward Leader Adam Lang doesn’t understand the administration’s logic when it allows an employee with a $27,000 salary to earn up to $86,000 with overtime. Lang said they could have saved money in the budget and pension by employing another Philadelphian. Overtime in the past five years has cost the City $890 million.
In all fairness, some of that overtime is inescapable as with police.
He then wonders why City Controller Alan Butkovitz boasts about his office uncovering $2,500 in scrap-metal theft by a school employee over a three-year period. DeFelice asks why the Controller is spending auditing money on something that could be better handled by the Inspector General.

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