Monday, April 28, 2014

Reception for Matthew Wolfe - Candidate for City Council

Please join us for a reception for
Matthew Wolfe
Candidate for City Council
 Tuesday May 6, 2014

Honorary Hosts
Hon. Pat Toomey Hon. John Taylor
Hon. Dennis O’Brien Hon. David Oh Hon. Brian O’Neill

Host Committee
 George A. Bochetto, Esq
Stewart Bolno
Michael A. Cibik, Esq
Leonora Cravotta
Joseph DeFelice, Esq
Jimmy Dintino
John Egan
Hon. Thomas Ellis
Robert Gleason
Rick Grimaldi
Benjamin Haney
Rick Hellberg
Lee Herman, Esq
Dr. Seth Kaufer
Guy Laren
Hon. Bruce S. Marks
Hon. Gregory P. Montanaro
Mark S. Supple
David Thomsen
Agnes Tilley
Terry Tracy
Walter Vogler
James M. Wolfe
Ross M. Wolfe, Esq

$125 per person, $500 VIP Reception
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, VIP Reception 5:30 pm
Racquet Club of Philadelphia
215 South Sixteenth Street

Checks are payable to Matthew Wolfe for City Council Committee
RSVP to Denise M. Furey at 215-387-5641 or
Checks can be mailed to
 4256 Regent Square
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Also payable by PayPal on

Gilchrist Press Release: Registered Nurse Battles Career Incumbent for Pennsylvania Senate

Robin Gilchrist
Friends of Robin Gilchrist
Phone 267-981-9590
(800)215-4337 Ext. 1100
For Immediate Release
Registered Nurse battles career Incumbent for Pennsylvania Senate
Cheltenham, PA - April 21, 2014: Robin Gilchrist, a Registered Nurse, is leading a grassroots campaign for the Pennsylvania Senate against career incumbent LeAnna Washington.  Washington is currently challenged by two other Democrat Candidates this primary election; none of the three is endorsed by the Democratic Party.
Gilchrist, who has the full endorsement of the Republican Party, stated, “My message has been well received by both Democrat and Independent voters alike.” Most notable endorsements are City Councilman David Oh and former Congressman John D. Fox; along with numerous Commissioners, Ward Leaders and Committeepeople in the 4th PA Senatorial District. Mr. Gilchrist’s stated that his reason for running for office is “Like many, I’ve grown frustrated with the increasing corruption in our government. We have all been waiting for the leadership that our state urgently needs and I would like the voters to know that I will fight those benefiting from the status quo.”
Now unopposed in the Republican Primary, Gilchrist identifies his biggest challenge is getting his message out.  He stated, “There are over 650,000 souls in my district and I will represent them all. As a Nurse for over 20 years, my strength is my ability to communicate in a way that has traversed the various socio-economic and cultural backgrounds that represent the diversity of my district. I have also found, that regardless of who we are, we all want the same things in life; gainful employment, a home for our families, and a quality education for our children.”  Gilchrist also feels that his legislative priorities of education, tax, and economic reform are the main issues to be addressed.  “We can't grow the economy without controlling taxes and providing an educated workforce in order to attract good paying jobs to Pennsylvania.  Our 257 Philadelphia public schools are only graduating at 53%. That is unacceptable. “
Gilchrist does not believe that it is fair to subject one more child to being cheated out of a quality education.  He feels “allowing parents to choose the best educational option for their children is the only real chance many kids have to escape poverty.   Currently, most students aren’t prepared for higher education and are only qualified for low paying jobs. The result of this is that many will be exposed to higher rates of crime, drug use, and violence; which is not only a horrid outcome for a child, but it also places the burden back on taxpayers in the end." He affirms, “Win or lose, one term or two, I will have the hard conversations, and fight the tough fights for Pennsylvania's citizens." 
Mr. Gilchrist also stated," Opponents of school choice blame recent federal funding cuts for decades of failure but the true problem is a spending one. Many who have a financial interest in Philadelphia public schools have been cashing in big, with only a fraction of tax dollars actually reaching the children.  We need to make sure more dollars reach the classrooms rather than the prisons. Our complacency as voters has delivered us to this point, and we must change the way we fund our schools; by making everyone partners in our children’s education. In so doing, we can secure our Commonwealth’s economic future. I firmly believe that if everyone has to put some skin in the game,   once that happens, we will have better focus to address the real problems. Our goal of improving education is not attained by un-controlled spending and zero accountability, but by being the proper stewards our children need us to be.”  Find out more at:
P.O. Box 54
Cheltenham, PA
Friends of Robin Gilchrist

Friday, April 25, 2014

Matt Wolfe Press Release: Who Are The Haves?

4256 Regent Square, Philadelphia, PA  19104 (215) 387-5641


For Immediate Release

April 25, 2014

For Information, contact:

Matt Wolfe

         (215) 387-7300


         It must be election time, ie time for the Democrats to dust off their old class warfare playbook. At a recent forum, covered by the Northeast Times, my opponent, either on his dime or the taxpayers, stated “Democrats are for the ‘have-nots,’ while Republicans favor the ‘haves.’”  “The Democrats stick up for the working families in America,” he said. However last time I checked, my Democrat opponent lives in a single family home on the edge of the suburbs whereby I reside in a rowhouse in West Philly.  Also, our candidate for Congress in the First Congressional District lives in a 600 sq ft walk up apartment on the edges of North Philadelphia while the incumbent, who also leads the local Democratic Party, resides in sprawling single home that abuts the Main Line.  Tell me again who are the haves and the have-nots. 

         This sort of rhetoric is not productive for the city.  Let’s talk about the legislation that we will support that will help bring the jobs back that the leadership of the city over these last few decades has driven across City Line Avenue.  What working families need are better jobs, simple as that.  The “have-nots” have not because of high taxes, an irrational tax structure and laws that make it difficult to do business in Philadelphia.  Changing those problems require legislative solutions.  What’s your plan?

Former City Controller/Council Candidate Lawrence Tabas Tapped for PICA

Phila. attorney appointed by Gov. Corbett to seat on board of Pa. Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority

A Philadelphia lawyer and general counsel to the Pennsylvania Republican
Lawrence Tabas
Lawrence Tabas
Party has been appointed by Gov. Tom Corbett to a seat on the board of the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority.
Attorney Lawrence Tabas, a partner with Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel in Philadelphia, was tapped to fill a vacancy on the PICA board created by the departure of its former chairman, Sam Katz, who left earlier this year amid talk of a possible mayoral run.
Tabas, who chairs Obermayer’s Health Law Department ad Election Law Practice Group, will serve out an unpaid, two-year term on the board of PICA, which was created in the early 1990s to provide financial assistance to the City of Philadelphia.
Tabas, a former candidate for Philadelphia city controller, has experience in dealing with governance and financial matters and risk, he told the Pennsylvania Record in a brief phone interview.
“I’ve had a lot of interest in the city’s financial well-being,” he said. “I’m looking forward to participating.”
In addition to his 1985 run for Philadelphia controller, Tabas also ran for City Council in 1991 and for a seat in the state House of Representatives back in 1980, his biography shows.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

City Councilman David Oh Endorses Robin Gilchrist for State Senate in PA's 4th District

For more information on the Gilchrist Campaign or how to get involved, please visit the Campaign's website by clicking HERE

Monday, April 21, 2014

PAGOP Fundraiser with Reince Priebus

Photo Courtesy of the


Cordially invite you to our monthly 
Commonwealth Club Luncheon with 


FRIDAY, MAY 16, 2014 
11:30 A.M. – Reception, Noon – Luncheon 

1411 Walnut Street, Philadelphia 

Please RSVP by enclosed reply form or by contacting 
Margot Crouch at 717-234-4901 x 133 or 


$1,000 annual contribution ($84 a month)
*       Complimentary monthly Commonwealth Club events
*       Discount to PA GOP events including our annual New York City
Commonwealth Luncheon ($250)
*       Receive special Party updates
*       Exclusive Lapel pin

If you have any questions about the Commonwealth Club, please contact: 

Margot Crouch, Deputy Finance Director 
(717) 234-4901 x 133 or 

Paid for by Republican Federal Committee of Pennsylvania. 112 State Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101 
Not Authorized By Any Candidate or Candidate’s Committee 

Matt Wolfe for City Council at Large Fundraiser

From the Wolfe Campaign
Those of us who know Matt Wolfe recognize that he is a thoughtful, committed, and well-spoken individual. He's running for City Council in a special election.

On Tuesday, May 6 @ 6PM, at the Philadelphia Racquet Club on 215 S. 16th St, we are holding a fund raising event for this underdog, with a legitimate chance of winning, in the upcoming special election.

If you wish to attend, please remit $125 to my Pay Pal account at  Obviously, I will ensure that your name is added to the list and I will look forward to seeing you at this special event.
If you can't attend, how about sending a $10, $25, $100, or $1,000 contribution so that we can support help this candid and concerned guy. His election will add some brain power and common sense in challenging the status quo.

Come to make a difference. Attend and/or contribute!

Check out Matt's Campaign on Facebook and Twitter @MattWolfePack  

Al Schmidt Fundraiser - Bowl-A-Rama

Al's Bowl-A-Rama
Thursday April 24, 2014
North Bowl
909 N. 2nd Street
Checks payable to Friends of Al Schmidt
PO Box 18538
Philadelphia, PA 19129
For additional information visit or 215-528-7779

A new face for Philadelphia Republicans - Philadelphia Inquirer

A new face for Philadelphia Republicans

PHILADELPHIA J. Matthew Wolfe was part of an insurgency that spent three years trying to overthrow the leadership of Philadelphia's feckless Republican Party in the hopes of building a viable alternative to Democratic dominance.
Last year, the GOP ended the fight by naming State Rep. John Taylor, a respected legislator, chairman. The party also hired a young, aggressive operative as executive director.
"We have a stronger Republican Party than we did a year ago," Wolfe said, before adding: "We have a long way to go."
Just how far the party has traveled toward relevance will be tested May 20, when Wolfe, a lawyer in University City, runs for City Council in a special election. An at-large vacancy was created when Bill Green left Council to chair the School Reform Commission.
Wolfe's opponent, State Rep. Ed Neilson, could not be more representative of the need to finally crack the Democratic stranglehold on power, Wolfe said.
After statewide redistricting, Neilson would have been forced to square off against fellow Democratic State Rep. John Sabatina Jr. Instead, the city's Democratic ward leaders hand-picked Neilson for the Council race to avoid a nasty primary. (Wolfe, a GOP ward leader, was picked by his party leaders, as well, per the special-election rules.)
"What was the analysis in selecting my opponent? Was it, 'What's best for Philadelphia?' " Wolfe said. "No, it was, 'What's the most expensive race we're going to face? How can we preserve our resources to sustain ourselves?' "
Born in Pittsburgh and raised in Elkins Park (his parents hailed from West Virginia; his father worked for television maker Philco), Wolfe, 58, is a peculiar species of urban Republican.
He has lived in West Philadelphia since his undergraduate days at the University of Pennsylvania, where he first got involved in Republican politics, and he espouses a love of city living and public transportation that probably would roll the eyes of many state Republicans.
He stands on solid GOP ground when he talks about reforming the city's public employee pension system and work rules, but those are also positions to which Mayor Nutter, a Democrat, has been holding fast for most of his two terms.
Wolfe hews close to party orthodoxy on taxes (raising them is "one of the worst things you can do") and school choice (he supports expanding charter schools.)
But he refuses to situate himself on the political spectrum.
"This is a city election. We have to fix potholes," he said. "I'm out there talking about city priorities."
He and the party hope to attract independent and Republican voters in May, in part by pushing opposition to a ballot question.
That question will ask city voters whether they want to end the requirement that elected Philadelphia officials must resign if they want to run for another office.
Wolfe likens ending the rule to paying politicians to look for new jobs - a "Not on our Dime" Twitter handle and Facebook page were started last week by the new GOP executive director, Joseph J. DeFelice.

Read more HERE

Tomlinson Announces Run for the State House

Philadelphia Republican Party
Contact:          Joe DeFelice, Executive Director
Phone:             215-756-4158 (mobile)

Mike Tomlinson Announces Run for the State House
Asks Voters to “Cross the Street” for a New Direction

Philadelphia, PA, April 20, 2014:  Tuesday, April 15, Lifetime Holmesburg resident Mike Tomlinson announced his candidacy for the State House seat being vacated, after this year, by incumbent Mike McGeehan to a large group assembled at the Holmesburg Rec Center.  Tomlinson, a father of four daughters and a licensed CPA, believes he brings a fresh neighborhood oriented vision for the District which stretches from Wissinoming through the Far Northeast.  Tomlinson believes that too many of the citizens of Philadelphia are conditioned to vote Straight Democrat without listening to the voice of better candidates.  "This has caused an institution of elected officials who serve special interests and not the needs of the people", Tomlinson says.  His platform focuses on four critical issues: schools and education, the economy, wasteful government, & the drug epidemic. Mike points out "The Philadelphia Public School System has completely failed our children and their parents.  Charter schools far outperform the Public Schools and half of the worst performing schools in the Commonwealth are in our City".  Tomlinson strongly advocates more charter schools and a voucher program allowing parents to choose the school for their child.

Mike sees the devastating course of our local economy, unsustainable debt & under-funded pension plans and record unemployment as an issue ignored and caused by those elected to serve us.  During his previous campaign, Mike met with 56 businesses.  Mike learned "it is clear that our elected officials act for the benefit of themselves and their special interests but to the detriment of the greater needs of our local economy".  Further, Mike informs "I will propose legislation requiring the state and county governments to fund pension plans each year and stop pushing this, and other debt, onto our children".

Tomlinson points out that we have a steadily increasing taxpayer burden due to unprecedented government waste, fraud, abuse and patronage.  "I have a broad and detailed reform plan and proposed legislation requiring our elected officials to deal with this problem...which will reduce our taxes and give the money back to The People who need it".   Finally, a critical issue is that our community is plagued by a major drug epidemic which is being ignored by our elected officials.  Mike asserts "I have seen this scourge from all sides and have taken an active interest to understand the issue at all levels.  Our community has multiple methadone clinics popping-up which do not work but will affect the safety of our streets and increase crime".  He also adds “A new and revolutionary approach is necessary but our elected officials give fancy speeches opposing the clinics as they open months later.  We need better from our elected officials who say they are fighting for us."

            Those in attendance at Mike’s announcement were fellow candidates Matt Wolfe for City Council, Megan Rath for US Congress and John Jenkins for State Senate amongst several civic and party leaders.  Also prominent at the Town Hall meeting were Hakeem & Brandon Riggins who each thanked Mike for what he has done for them; Keesha Gore, their mother, talked about Mike being a positive mentor to her children and that she would only vote Democrat until she met Mike. Keesha vowed to "spread the word to Cross the Street and vote for Mike".  Mike also thanked Jason Fay, campaign staff and Donna Diederich, dedicated campaign manager who designed and maintains the campaign website. Donna states "I believe in Mike".

            Mike is an active and certified member of the Tacony/Holmesburg Town Watch, a member of the Holmesburg Civic Association, a member of the Friends of the Holmesburg Library and a Sunday school teacher at Calvary Chapel.  Mike was a member of the Northeast Peanut League Board of Directors.  He previously served as a coach and board member at the Holmesburg Boys Club and at the Philadelphia Spirit Girls Fast Pitch Softball team. He coached at the Philadelphia Soccer Club and with the St. Bernard CYO.  Mike was previously a lector at St. Bernard Church.  Mike was a founding member and volunteer fundraiser of the local chapter of the Foundation Fighting Blindness. He is a graduate of Father Judge High School where he was on the Crew Team, and he is a graduate of Temple University Fox School of Business. He has worked professionally both as a High School Math and Accounting teacher at Overbrook High School and as a Certified Public Accountant.  Mike has National and International Corporate business experience as well as with small business as a tax consultant.   For more information about Mike, his views and his solutions visit his campaign website at and on Facebook at Mike Tomlinson for State Rep.

Philadelphia Republican Party · 3525-27 Cottman Avenue · Phila., PA 19149
                      215-561-0650 · · ·

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Philadelphia GOP Votes on Ballot Questions - “Not On Our Dime”; against eliminating “Resign to Run”

Philadelphia Republican Party

Contact:          Joe DeFelice, Executive Director
Phone:             215-756-4158 (mobile)

Philadelphia GOP Votes on Ballot Questions
“Not On Our Dime”; against eliminating “Resign to Run”

Philadelphia, PA, April 16, 2014:  The Philadelphia Republican Party met on April 14th and voted overwhelmingly against the City Charter amendment that would allow Philadelphia elected officials to run for office while still holding office.

“Currently if someone in City Hall wants to run for another office, they have to quit first.  City Council wants to change that so they can campaign for a different office while the tax payers are paying them to do their job,” says Executive Director Joe DeFelice. “To that we say: ‘Not on our dime!’”

To continue to require elected officials to quit office before they run for another one, voters are urged to vote “NO” on PROPOSED CHARTER CHANGE QUESTION #2 (Bill No. 130701) and narrowly recommended a “YES” vote for PROPOSED CHARTER CHANGE QUESTION #1 (Bill No. 130532) and recommended a “YES” vote for PROPOSED CHARTER CHANGE QUESTION #3 (Bill No. 130851).

“On Question #1 we decided, after heated discourse, that if the law affects a City contractor, it is reasonable for it to affect their sub-contractors as well.  For Question #2, we also thought it was reasonable to have a level of checks and balances to a new function the Mayor took from the courts,” explained Chairman John Taylor.

Philadelphia Republican Party · 3525-27 Cottman Avenue · Phila., PA 19149
                      215-561-0650 · · ·

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Public Record: Philly GOP Bites Back


City GOP Executive Director Joe DeFelice has been biting back at the long unchallenged rule of the Democratic Party in this city. He’s doing so by releasing what can be used as fodder when the mayoral race comes up again.
For instance, he reports 29th Ward Leader Adam Lang doesn’t understand the administration’s logic when it allows an employee with a $27,000 salary to earn up to $86,000 with overtime. Lang said they could have saved money in the budget and pension by employing another Philadelphian. Overtime in the past five years has cost the City $890 million.
In all fairness, some of that overtime is inescapable as with police.
He then wonders why City Controller Alan Butkovitz boasts about his office uncovering $2,500 in scrap-metal theft by a school employee over a three-year period. DeFelice asks why the Controller is spending auditing money on something that could be better handled by the Inspector General.

Monday, April 7, 2014

PhillyGOP: City Hall Spends $890 million in Overtime for Five Years

Philadelphia Republican Party

Contact:          Joe DeFelice, Executive Director
Phone:             215-756-4158 (mobile)

City Hall Spends $890 million in Overtime for Five Years 
Mayor Nutter’s Budget Director says it isn’t a significant amount of money.

Philadelphia, PA, April 7, 2014:  Today, a article showed that City Hall continues to significantly spend on overtime, thus putting a larger burden on the pension fund; what is more alarming is that City Hall has not paid attention to cost associated with it.[i] 

“The lack of oversight by the Mayor and City Council is infuriating,” says Adam Lang, a Sharswood resident and the Party’s 29th Ward Leader.  “They have an example of someone with a base salary of $27K making $86K a year with overtime; they could hire another full-time employee for less than that, including benefits.  Save money in the budget and the pension by employing another Philadelphian?  Why wouldn’t you?”

When asked Budget Director Rebecca Rynhart about why the 20% growth in overtime costs hasn’t raised any red flags, she informed them that “…$890 million over five years is not a significant portion of a city budget…”

“This just shows that the people in charge really don’t care about the money being spent.  How many school district deficits could this cover?  How many more police officers could we hire?  How many more potholes could be filled?  What taxes could we lower?” adds Joe DeFelice, Philadelphia Republican Party Executive Director.   “And where has City Council been on this?  Aren’t they supposed to be having budget hearings right now? “

Rynhart also stated the City meets quarterly about payroll and no one has raised concerns about the amount of overtime.  “I get a monthly payroll (from department heads), giving them the benefit of the doubt they have vetted it,” she said.

“In other words, she is saying no one in Mayor Nutter’s office is actually checking the payroll numbers.  It is just another example of how ‘Rome burned while Nero fiddled’; instead we are more concerned with banning e-cigarettes.  That’s depressing and shows the whole culture in City Hall needs to change” points out DeFelice.


Philadelphia Republican Party · 3525-27 Cottman Avenue · Phila., PA 19149
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