Thursday, March 27, 2014

Philly GOP Coverage in this week's Northeast Times

We received some really good coverage in this week's edition of the Northeast Times with four separate hits LINK
Bas­ket­ball fans say the mean­ing of March Mad­ness is the up­set vic­tor­ies by teams like Dayton and Stan­ford.
The Re­pub­lic­an City Com­mit­tee de­scribes it as the em­bar­rass­ment that Phil­adelphia Demo­crats are bring­ing to the city. The loc­al GOP poin­ted to the re­cent in­dict­ment of state Sen. LeAnna Wash­ing­ton, who al­legedly told an em­ploy­ee ques­tion­ing the use of of­fice staff to plan a birth­day party fun­draiser for her that, “I am the f–– sen­at­or, I do what the f– I want, and ain’t nobody go­ing to change me.”
Also, state Rep. J.P. Mir­anda faces cor­rup­tion charges. And, four state rep­res­ent­at­ives are ac­cused of tak­ing money and a judge is ac­cused of ac­cept­ing an ex­pens­ive brace­let in a sting.
“They con­tin­ue to show they have no re­spect for the of­fices and du­ties to which they are elec­ted,” said Joe De­Fe­lice, ex­ec­ut­ive dir­ect­or of the Re­pub­lic­an City Com­mit­tee. “It truly is mad­ness.”
The Com­mit­tee of Sev­enty is ur­ging the Gen­er­al As­sembly to al­low for the cre­ation of an in­de­pend­ent coun­sel to de­term­ine why state At­tor­ney Gen­er­al Kath­leen Kane dis­missed a three-year sting op­er­a­tion that al­legedly cap­tured four state rep­res­ent­at­ives on tape ac­cept­ing money from an un­der­cov­er in­form­ant.
The In­de­pend­ence Hall Tea Party is call­ing on the state le­gis­lature to re­move Kane from of­fice.
“Ms. Kane’s re­fus­al to do the right thing in or­der to pro­tect her polit­ic­al al­lies and friends is even more fright­en­ing than the bribery it­self,” said Teri Adams, pres­id­ent of the loc­al Tea Party.
Kane has said she ended the probe, in part, be­cause the sting’s tar­gets were mostly black law­makers. She also noted that the in­form­ant had charges dropped against him in an un­re­lated case.
State Rep. John Taylor (R-177th dist.) is pleased with the Pennsylvania De­part­ment of Labor and In­dustry’s re­port that the state’s un­em­ploy­ment rate is down to 6.2 per­cent, be­low the na­tion­al rate of 6.7 per­cent.
“Since Gov. Corbett took of­fice, I have been proud to work with him in Har­ris­burg to re­duce taxes and bur­dens on the private sec­tor so we can put more hard­work­ing Pennsylvani­ans back to work,” he said. “Gov. Corbett’s en­ergy and pro-jobs agenda stepped in to save the Phil­adelphia-area re­finer­ies, and have cre­ated new op­por­tun­it­ies to make our shipyards the busiest in dec­ades. Pennsylvania is on the right track, and it couldn’t have been done without Gov. Corbett’s lead­er­ship.”
The Phil­adelphia Re­pub­lic­an City Com­mit­tee un­an­im­ously nom­in­ated West Phil­adelphia’s Matt Wolfe as its can­did­ate to fill the at-large City Coun­cil seat va­cated by School Re­form Com­mis­sion Chair­man Bill Green.
Wolfe is a long­time ward lead­er and former deputy state at­tor­ney gen­er­al.
The Demo­crats nom­in­ated state Rep. Ed Neilson to avoid a House primary with fel­low Rep. John Sabat­ina Jr.
The newly formed Phil­adelphia Teen­age Re­pub­lic­ans will meet on Thursday, March 27, at 6 p.m. at Re­pub­lic­an City Com­mit­tee headquar­ters, at 3525 Cottman Ave. in May­fair.
Joe De­Fe­lice, a May­fair res­id­ent and ex­ec­ut­ive dir­ect­or of the loc­al GOP, has met with the lead­er­ship of the group, in­clud­ing in­ter­im chair­man Kyle Adams, a seni­or at Fath­er Judge High School.
Speak­ers at the meet­ing will in­clude state Rep. John Taylor, chair­man of city com­mit­tee; Dar­in Bartho­lomew, chair­man of Pennsylvania Col­lege Re­pub­lic­ans and stu­dent body pres­id­ent at Temple Uni­versity; and Phil In­nam­or­ato, vice chair­man of the Phil­adelphia Fed­er­a­tion of Young Re­pub­lic­ans.
“We are ex­cited by the en­ergy these young men and wo­men bring to the table. Many of us first star­ted in polit­ics at a young age with no dir­ec­tion from the or­gan­iz­a­tion. Hope­fully, the cre­ation of this group will bet­ter ease their as­cend­ance in­to the Phil­adelphia polit­ic­al struc­ture,” Taylor said. ••

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