Monday, March 17, 2014

MARCH MADNESS: Democratic Party Continues to Embarrass Philadelphia

Philadelphia Republican Party

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Democratic Party Continues to Embarrass Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA, March 17, 2014:  

“I’m the [expletive deleted] senator. I do what the [expletive deleted] I want, how I want, and ain’t nobody going to change me.” - Sen. LeAnna Washington

Over the last month, we  have seen more news stories highlighting the corrupt practices of the Philadelphia Democratic Party.  We have reports in the press of the following incidents:

-      -  State Sen. LeAnna Washington, a Democrat who for two decades has represented parts of Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties, was charged Wednesday with using legislative staff to raise money for her campaigns.
-       - Former President Judge of Philadelphia Traffic Court Thomasine Tynes accused of accepting a $2,000 Tiffany’s bracelet from someone seeking a contract.
-       - State Rep. Michelle Brownlee accused of accepting $3,500 in cash.  When asked about it replied, “I don’t recall taking any money from him.”
-       - State Rep. Louise Bishop accused of accepting $1,500 and then denying to knowing the person.
-       - State Rep. Vanessa Brown accused of accepting $4,000 and refused to answer questions.
-       - State Rep. Ronald G. Waters accused of accepting $7,650. As Ali handed Waters an envelope, the sources said, Ali told him: “Hey, there’s $1,000 in there, bro.” According to the sources, Waters replied: “My man, happy birthday to Ron Waters.”
-       - State Rep. J.P. Miranda and his sister, Michelle Wilson, have been charged with three political corruption charges:  conflict of interest, perjury and criminal conspiracy
-       - U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah, who has been contending with a long-running federal investigation, told Congress this week that federal prosecutors in Philadelphia had subpoenaed "certain documents" from his congressional offices.

“They continue to show they have no respect for the offices and duties to which they are elected,” says RCC Executive Director Joe DeFelice.  “It truly is madness”.

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