Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Coverage in Philly Weekly #givethemoneybackron

Philly GOP goes nuclear on social media after Inquirer ‘sting’ piece

Online, trolls go where they’re needed sometimes, but where they’re annoying all the time. And after recent allegations were brought to light by the Inquirer on Sunday, it was the local GOP’s turn to send in what trolls they had. Said Inquirer piece, written by Angela Columbus and Craig R. McCoy, detailed a multiyear sting operation targeting Philly Democrats put together by former state prosecutor Frank Fina and shut down by Democratic Attorney General Kathleen Kane. Begun when Gov. Corbett was still attorney general, it alleged Democratic Reps. Ron Waters, Vanessa Brown, Louise Bishop, and Michelle Brownlee all took large amounts of cash from an undercover former lobbyist working with the AG’s office.
Despite having been caught on tape, none of the legislators were prosecuted for the alleged crimes, which had some of us a bit ticked off. John Baer of the Daily News called it “the Philly sting that stung no one” and it’s been picked up by news organizations all over the country to exemplify both Philly’s penchant for corruption, and, in the case of some right-leaning sites, the entire Democratic party’s supposed “reverse racism.”
Perhaps most infuriating, is Rep. Waters’ alleged Clay Davis attitude about the whole thing. He was allegedly heard on tape accepting $7,650, then telling himself, “My man, happy birthday to Ron Waters.” He later denied ever receiving anything, then changed that, noting he was “trying to remember if [the lobbyist] gave me something for my birthday.”
After the story came to light, the Philadelphia Republican Party began taking to social media, posting on the state Rep.’s Facebook page and tweeting at him, demanding he return the money he allegedly took (it’s assumed the sting operation utilized taxpayer dollars). Word of the massive trolling operation spread, and the #givethemoneybackron hashtag was born.  READ MORE HERE

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