Monday, February 10, 2014



  It is with profound sadness that the Republican Party of Philadelphia and the Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania acknowledges the passing of former 26th Ward Leader Gus A. Pedicone, on Christmas Day, 2013.

  WHEREAS, Gus Pedicone was born on February 6, 1926, and was proud to share his birthday with his beloved Ronald Reagan.

  WHEREAS, South Philadelphia resident Gus served in the Navy in both World War II and the Korean Conflict.  In 1945, he was on board the USS Missouri to witness the historic signing of the Peace Treaty signaling an end to World War II.

  WHEREAS, Gus entered the political arena as a committee member in 1947 and served his community for the next 51 years.  He was the 26th Republican Ward Leader for 26 of those years.  In 1971, Gus had the honor of running for United States Congress.

  WHEREAS, after attending Palmer Business College and then receiving an Associate’s Degree from the Wharton Business School, Gus later started a successful Air Freight Shipping Business working in conjunction with such industry giants as United, American, and TWA Airlines.  His company, which later traded as G.A.P. Air Freight, was 49 years in existence.

  WHEREAS, Gus served on the State Tax Equalization Board and was a Board Member of the Vehicle Manufacturers, Dealers and Salespersons.  He was also a proud member of the Sons of Italy, Commonwealth Lodge #1949.

  WHEREAS, local civic and religious leaders saluted Gus at a Testimonial held in his honor on December 6, 1998, on his retirement as the 26th Republican Ward Leader.  He was feted with Citations from City Council, Proclamations from the Senate and a Congressional Record Entry.

  WHEREAS, Gus was blessed with his wife of 47 years, Mildred; three wonderful children – Tommy, Constance and Valerie; a precious granddaughter, Amber Marie and a great-granddaughter, Kylie.

  WHEREAS, we in the community who have been fortunate enough to have had Gus touch our lives and have called him our friend, have been truly blessed.  He deeply loved the 26th Ward and continued to support its community.  He will be truly missed.

  IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that in recognition of this outstanding man who held strong the belief of God and Country, and as evidence of the esteem and admiration in which he was held by all his friends and colleagues, that this resolution, which is being presented by the members of the Philadelphia Republican City Committee, our State Committee members, and by our entire Legislative delegation, be adopted and be permanently placed in the archives of the Republican State Committee and that a copy of this Resolution be presented to his family, along with the deep and heartfelt sympathy of the members of the Republican State Committee.

                                       Resolved this 1st day of February, 2014
                                        Republican State Committee
                                       Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

                                       Robert Gleason, Chairman

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