Monday, January 6, 2014

Philadelphia Needs A-Team to Move City in the Right Direction

Contact:          Joe DeFelice, Executive Director
Phone:             215-756-4158 (mobile)

Philadelphia Needs A-Team to Move City in the Right Direction
Republican City Committee seeks candidates for Public and Party Office
Philadelphia, PA, January 6, 2014: Today, at the 2014 Inaugural of the District Attorney and City Controller, a bevy of Democrat City Officials, led by lame duck Mayor Michael Nutter and Mayoral wannabes, laid out their vision for the future of the City and touted their past “accomplishments”.  If those accomplishments include a failing school district, a faulty landbank law, and futile attempts to lure businesses to the City with overbearing taxes, then it is evident that now, more than ever, we need fresh Republican Leadership to enter the battleground of ideas and articulate a smart, fiscally prudent vision for the City of Philadelphia. 
            In the coming year, there are currently roughly Thirty Offices on the ballot for US Congress, State Senate and State Representative in Philadelphia along with over 3,000 Committeeperson slots.  These individuals will be the coordinated grassroots arm of the Republican Party who can best articulate a message of change and reform for the GOP in the City rather than allowing the national media and local Democrats to frame our Party. 
            If someone is interested in joining our movement, and becoming the A-team that Philadelphia so desperately needs, please contact Republican City Committee and ask how one can make a difference on their own block, in their own neighborhood to help Philadelphia realize its full potential.  We can be reached at 215-561-0650, via email or visit us on Facebook

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